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Zoho CRM Overview, Review & Alternatives 2014



If it’s about the synthesis of cost effectiveness and performance then Zoho CRM certainly stands out. It facilitates you to flawlessly manage your business effectively by simplifying your sales, inventory, marketing strategies, customer support and report analysis. It lets you import excel, CSV, and VCF files in a quick way, which enables you to convert leads into sales.

Features of Zoho CRM

User Friendly Interface: This software is designed on a very easy to use interface, which includes some pre-designed dashboards that can be customized on the home page. In other words, you can set up your desired data sets as per your business requirements anywhere on the home page. There may be occasions, when you have more members, joining in your teams that are supposed to work on your new or existing projects. Thus, creating customer accounts or associating multiple contacts with them is as easy as falling off a log, on this software. the software allows you to set roles based security, territory management, workflow automation as per your business requirements.

Business Forecasting: Business forecast plays a vital role in the success of any venture. Therefore, this software enables you to estimate revenues, identify team performance, and create customized sales reports. If you are using any other business forecasting application, then it can be integrated into your Zoho CRM too.

Swift Lead Generation: Zoho CRM has indeed an edge over its competitors, when it comes to lead generation and managing contacts. It lets you import excel, CSV, and VCF files in a quick way, which enables you to convert the leads into sales. Here is a quick view:

  • Automates the lead generation process to make it quicker
  • Fetches leads directly from trade shows, website visits, direct mail, etc.
  • Customize the process flow of sales as per your work requirements

In addition, it can also be accessed by Google app customers through their apps only.

Better Competition Analysis and Project Management: The best strategies to take your business to new heights of success can be made through appropriate competition analysis. Thus, you can analyze market competition through its automated reports and quickly create your business strategies. If we talk about project management, then it has an easy to use dashboard, which lets you:

  • Create projects and allocate work to the individuals
  • Milestone creation
  • Invite the staff for meetings/events
  • Log tasks
  • Generate price quotes, invoices, and orders
  • View performance reports


Zoho CRM can be downloaded free of cost for three users, which includes features such as lead management, sales opportunities, or mobile access. But, it also comes in enterprise/professional/standard edition with a starting price of $12/ month/user. The paid editions are coupled with more features such as email integration, work-flow rules, help desk integration, document library, and much more.


Alternatives of Zoho CRM



Insightly is a recognized name in the domain of CRM software. It facilitates the user to perform various CRM based tasks such as customer, sales and marketing management, importing organizations, and creating notes, events and users from one place. It has a simplified user interface, smart reporting mechanism, useful help resources, social and media/email integration. This software is mainly designed for the small enterprises, but caters to bigger ones as well.


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SugarCRM has features like data import and export to and from the application, e-mail integration and invoice management. SugarCRM enables you to change page designs through a drag-and-drop tool. You can also establish new work-flows by editing work modules in this software. It also gives you the choice of having your own cloud service provider without any extra charges.
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Salesforce popularized the SaaS CRM market and is one of the largest providers of SAAS based CRM in the world. Salesforce has matured to compete with giants such as SAP and Oracle. Salesforce also has one of the best app stores with enormous integration options. Salesforce has been equally successful in tapping the enterprise and SMB marketplace whereas SAP and Oracle recently began giving attention to the SMB marketplace.



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