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Techieapps.com is a 6+ years old blogging platform with 300+ renowned writers and we are looking for guest bloggers with amazing posts. We do accept guest blogs, sponsored posts with the following  guidelines & topics.

Our Guidelines

1. The post should be of minimum 800-1000 words long.
2. The post should be appropriate to the blog – Study our already published blogs and submit articles which will be of importance to our reader base.
3. No affiliate links are allowed except sponsored posts.
4. Try to avoid the duplicate title that we have already published.
5. There should be at least 2 images(800*600) and 1 feature image(856*506)
5. If the images being used are under a certain license, then you should give it an Image credit by linking it to the source.
6. We allow two no follow links in the author bio.
7. Try answering the queries of readers through comments. This will give you more exposure.

Topics we accept

We accept well-written posts related to the comparison on mobile phones, apps, technology or gadgets, online tools & software, website design & development from guest writers. The posts that you send to us have to be fresh and it should not have been posted anywhere on the Internet previously except your own platform.

Sponsored Posts

We have a talented team of writers who can write for you and help your brand reach out to our thousands of visitors.  Also if you have an article that abides by the mentioned guidelines, we can publish that as a sponsored post. Here are the benefits of getting associated with us through sponsored posts:

1. Get Do-follow links inside the post wherever applicable.

2. We promote it through our social media platforms as well as partner platforms.

3. Get better SEO ranking and branding of your website.

How to submit posts?

You can send us your posts at marketing@techieapps.com or fill up the below given form:

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