If it is about low cost smart phones, India is acknowledged as one of the most emerging markets around the globe. Hence, there is a huge scope of tapping the Indian mobile phone customers, if the product is quality driven as well as reasonably priced. This seems to be the reason why Mozilla Corporation, renowned for the internet based application development, has taken an entry into the mobile phone arena. Mozilla has come up with its all new innovation in the smart phone segment, called “Intex Cloud FX”. This phone is the first Firefox OS phone, which is launched in India by partner Intex Technologies, and targets the entry level users. So far, it can only be purchased through some of the e-shopping websites in India at an unbelievably economical price of $33. Here is a quick look at some of its features:


Image source: www.telegraph.co.uk


Be it any electronic gadget, the first thing that captures our attention is its appearance or feel. This phone is sleek, lightweight, and elegantly designed. Its body appears to be solid, which has been crafted with good quality plastic. Though it is a touch operated phone, the keypad that appears on its screen while typing, is easy to operate and has enough space between the alphabets. The phone comes with a responsive touch, which is marginally good, and has little scope of improvement. Its user interface resembles the iphone, which can be a treat for the user at this price. You can drag down its notification tray from the top of its screen to quickly modify settings for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and data connection, etc. The back cover of this phone is removable and has a textured finish, which can help you grip it well. It is a dual sim phone, and the slots for sim card can be visible, once you open its back cover.

Screen Size and Resolution

Likewise other basic smart phones, it comes with a screen size of 3.5”, which has a great display, but smaller than some of the latest phones. It has a HVGA screen resolution of 480 x 320 pixel, which displays clear graphics, but will not be ideal for high quality gaming.


This phone is powered with a 1Ghz processor that comes with 128 MB RAM, which is fine if you are looking to run your daily based office applications. But, this hardware combination is not comparable with today’s high-end smart phones that are even more powerful than any PC.

Storage, Connectivity and Camera

This handset is bundled with a memory card of 4 GB, which is expandable too. Though 4GB of memory may serve your basic storage purpose, but does not fit the bill if you have bulk data to be stored on your phone. If we talk about connectivity, it offers various features including Bluetooth, Edge, Wi-Fi, and GPS, which can be accessed via shortcuts situated on its screen. But, the absence of 3G feature, may confuse the buyer for once. On the other hand, the quality of 2 MP rear/ VGA front camera is good in its category, which is sufficient to fill a 1080 p screen of any computer.
This smart phone can surely give a tough competition entry segment smart phones.