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Infusionsoft Overview, Review and Alternatives 2014



Infusionsoft is a 24/7 CRM solution, which is specifically crafted for small as well as mid-sized conglomerates. It has been majorly used by various domains such as manufacturing, media, publishing, wholesale distribution, retail, etc. This CRM software enables you to customize your dashboard, user interfaces and forms. It has interesting features like automatic follow ups with clients that help in generating more sales.


Features of Infusionsoft

The Dashboard Appearance: If you take a first look at its dashboard, you can get to see the most important diagrams/charts that provide you with an overview of your work performance. You can easily navigate to sales reports, invoicing, customer database, and business forecasting, which helps you know if you are meeting your annual or quarterly sales tragets or not.

Customization: There may be times when you feel that the setup of data fields or forms are not up to the mark, and consuming a lot of your time. But, we observed that this software enables the user to customize the dashboard, forms for data maintenance and user interfaces as per the business requirements.

Work-flow Management: You can set your work-flow rules such as creating projects, assigning tasks to the team members, evaluating performance, and send notifications as per your work schedule. We also found another impressive integrated feature, namely “Call Management”, which lets you communicate with your customers with a


If it is about pricing, this software is a little high as compared to other CRM software available in the market. InfusionSoft has various software versions including “Essential”, “Deluxe Sales”, “Deluxe E-Commerce”, and “Complete”. And, they can can be purchased as per your work requirements. These versions are varied on the basis of number of contacts, emails, users, etc. The basic version of this software starts from $199.


Alternatives of Infusionsoft



Insightly is a recognized name in the domain of CRM software. It facilitates the user to perform various CRM based tasks such as customer, sales and marketing management, importing organizations, and creating notes, events and users from one place. It has a simplified user interface, smart reporting mechanism, useful help resources, social and media/email integration. This software is mainly designed for the small enterprises, but caters to bigger ones as well.


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Zoho CRM

If it’s about the synthesis of cost effectiveness and performance then Zoho CRM certainly stands out. It facilitates you to flawlessly manage your business effectively by simplifying your sales, inventory, marketing strategies, customer support and report analysis. It lets you import excel, CSV, and VCF files in a quick way, which enables you to convert the leads into sales.


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Salesforce popularized the SaaS CRM market and is one of the largest providers of SAAS based CRM in the world. Salesforce has matured to compete with giants such as SAP and Oracle. Salesforce also has one of the best app stores with enormous integration options. Salesforce has been equally successful in tapping the enterprise and SMB marketplace whereas SAP and Oracle recently began giving attention to the SMB marketplace.



SugarCRM has features like data import and export to and from the application, e-mail integration and invoice management. SugarCRM enables you to change page designs through a drag-and-drop tool. You can also establish new work-flows by editing work modules in this software. It also gives you the choice of having your own cloud service provider without any extra charges.

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