Earlier, the website owners were allowed to add two or more FAQ schemas, but they will be restricted to 2 FAQs per page with Google’s recent update. However, the update is still

We get the update glimpse from Danny Sullivan recent tweet confirming this update:

Danny Twitt

He said  Google had made some changes in FAQs schemas, due to which search results will show only two FAQs in results. Besides, he also explained this step and clarified that it was to control the abuse of the structured data-rich results by SEOs.

But do you know?

What Are FAQ Rich Results in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)?

Frequently Asked Questions structured data is described as a source that allows showing of FAQ content in Google’s SERPs. It came into play on May 8, 2019. SEO experts use this feature to rank up a website’s position in the search results.

Some of more definition and their benefits:

FAQs Benefits

Furthermore, when web pages have a list of FAQs, they can markup these with FAQ structured data where Google shows those FAQs in the search results snippets.

FAQ Featured Snippet

But for now, some of the results are being visible as:

FAQ Snippet

How Did Google FAQ Rich Results News Get Started?

Mark Barrera was the first person who spotted this FAQ structure change and mentions it in his tweet.

Mark Twitt

But later, there was quite more discussion that took place to understand the actual matter. Many of the results show Google did not limit the FAQ Rich Results to the UK and otter.

Google Snippet

Here is a Screenshot for FAQ rich result looks like in the UK:

Other place results:

Torek Twitt

Since the update is not yet final, some website owners might see FAQ-rich results that hold more than two results. So, if you see more than two results, don’t assume the update will not be applicable in the future.

Moreover, this new update seems more useful as its implementation may help in pulling more websites from the first page of search results.


As of 2019, Google included FAQ-rich results and steadily implemented few restrictions on how website owners should use them for ranking purposes. The reason why SEO experts start taking advantage of it wisely.

FAQs Rich Results Limited to Two Per Page changes were visible from June 17, 2021, and as mentioned, Mark Barrera was the first to notice them. Yet, it is not finally rolled out worldwide; there are still some web pages where we can see more than two results displayed on SERP, especially in the regions outside of the US.

But at the same time, it is assumed that the implementation won’t be permanent because there is always a state of change in the working algorithm of search results.

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