It finally happened; Google rolls out a new algorithm update on 23rd June 2021 to stop spam & protect our data. So if you are in the SEO game and want to catch up on everything about it, keep reading.

June 23, 2021, there is recent confirmation that Google has rolled out a search “spam update”. As per an insider, it took a single day to start and complete the update. However, Google hasn’t confirmed what specific type of span would get target with this update. Besides, they have just notified the general spam protection notices.

Moreover, it was Google’s Danny Sullivan who confirms the spam update on his tweet:

Danny Sullivan Tweet

In Barry Schwartz’s research, he doesn’t find any impact yet due to this update. But he also concluded, most of the tracking tools affected higher than usual fluctuations. Besides, he was not able to find any clues for what type of spam this specifically targeted.

Furthermore, in the conversation between Barry Schwartz and Danny on Twitter, Danny said Search Spam Algorithm Update is a “global” update. And,  currently, this update will cover image and web page results. So, for now, it is not impacting local results.

Barry Schwartz

Apart from this update, Google also tweets about their second spam update that might get rolled out next week. However, it’s not the end; Google has more to go to stop spamming. They tweet another “spam update” that would release next week; every day, discover as many tasks will let us know about it via Twitter.

Google SearchLiaison

Google Search Central

Who Will Get Affected By This Spam Update?

Google has not precisely specified what type of spam they will focus more on. However, they mentioned these spam updates are implemented to provide quality search results to their visitors.

Further, website owners or content creators who will follow Google’s webmaster guidelines must not worry about these spam updates. It will impact only low-quality web pages that try to deceive people or manipulate visitors to install malware.

It will attack phishing scammers and websites that using black hats to rank in search results.

How Google Will Stop Spam To Reach You?

There are many tasks behind the scene before Google deliver a set of search results. When they crawl, discover, and index billions of web pages, they find around 40 billion spammy pages every day.

To stop this, they are implementing various steps for not allowing the spam reach to you to get helpful information on the search results.

Google spam filter mechanism

First, they have systems that detect spam during the crawling of pages or other content. While crawling, if the system detects content as spam, they do not add it to the index. These systems also detect the content while discovering Search Console and sitemaps.

Besides, they are also using AI technology to pinpoint suspicious verifications. This way, it becomes easy for them to stop the prevented spam URLs from getting into our index.

Furthermore, they also have another system to analyze the web pages that are included in the index. The system double-checks for not to index the content that includes spam. This way, if your content had a spammy element, it will not appear in the top search results.

Overall, their automated systems are aided by AI that allows 99% of search results spam-free. And, for the leftover percentage, their team continuously works hard and eliminates the issue through manual actions.


In the open web, Google Search is one of the powerful tools that help you find useful information from various sources. But, unfortunately, since all web pages are not created with good intent, some have spammy content to deceive people.

So, to fight against those content, Google has released the Search Spam Algorithm Update on June 23rd, 2021. Also, it confirmed that its second update would come next week.

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