Twitter’s popularity seems to be at an all-time high. As per Statista, it had 199 million monetizable daily active users in the first quarter of 2021. And, the graph is continuously growing year by year.

Twitter Statista

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With the spiking popularity of Twitter, there is no surprise the entire team is working very hard to roll out new updates to provide better user experiences for their active users.

Thinking, what update am I talking about?

A recent tweet by Dominic Camozzi (a privacy designer at Twitter) on June 15, 2021, shows Twitter wants their user to Untag Themselves From Tweets. Also, Alex Avery tweeted about the same new feature that will roll out soon for Twitter users.

Alex Tweet

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Let’s dig deeper to know what this new feature is?

What Will Unmentioned Yourself On Twitter?

On Twitter, everything you tweet is public, so whoever has tagged you on their tweet is also public. Therefore, limiting this feature and giving users more control, Twitter will soon add features like users can unmentioned themselves from other peoples’ tweets.

Recently, Dominic Camozzi shared screenshots of the concept- Unmentioned Yourself from tag on Twitter. In that similar post, he asked the users to share their feedback before the feature gets live.


Unmention Yourself Dominic

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With this tweet, the intent is clear. They want the users to be out-off the conversations they don’t want to be part of.

How This Feature Will Work & How You Have To Use It In Future?

As per the shared document by Dominic Camozzi for this new feature, when you are more unlikely to associate with other people’s tweets, tap at the top three-dot menu icon (more info menu) displayed on your screen.

After that, a menu list with many options would appear; from that, select “Unmentioned yourself from this conversation.” As a result, the link will get removed from the profile.

Unmention Yourself

Manage Mentions You Don’t Follow.

If you are not following the mentioned people, you will receive a notification for the same tweet. When you receive the notification, you get the power to discard yourself by tapping “Unmentioned yourself” in the notifications tab.

A key point to remember: If you unmention yourself from the tweet, the person who posted would not mention you again and won’t be notified about the untagging.

Manage mention

Proactively Prohibit Mentions

Further, you have the opportunity to limit down who can’t mention you by setting the features.

In the setting, you will see three options-

  • Everyone
  • People you follow
  • Custom

This way, you can allow people to mention you (tag you) for those who follow you. Even users can use a custom setting to set a period they don’t wish others to tag.

Twitter Mention

Control Mass Mentions

Sometimes it becomes too annoying to address too many mentions; therefore, to control this, Twitter has planned a new feature to take care of it, like:

  • You will get notified when you’re getting a lot of mentions.
  • You can review those Tweets and take action accordingly.
  • You can even pause the tagging feature for a particular time to get out of the situation.

When This Feature Will Roll Out For All Users?

For now, there is no such announcement of the releasing date of this feature. However, it is assumed to roll out soon when Twitter is satisfied with the feedback they are receiving from their potential users.

Moreover, the unmentioned itself might differ from the final product. Twitter users have only received the screenshot of how it will work: there can be additional features to the final product by following the feedback.

Wrap Up!

Currently, users can untag themselves from photos on Twitter, not from regular tweets. Besides, if someone is annoying them, they can either report or even mute the conversation. But, Unmentioned Yourself could be a great feature to get added to the Twitter platform.