Hiring a PHP developer can be a daunting task whether you are an agency looking to outsource PHP-based projects, a small business owner looking to bring in reinforcements, or an individual looking for a tech professional to help in completing a project.

Whatever it is, you want to make sure that you find the right person to fit your needs.

However, PHP developers are in high demand, with a projected growth of 20% by 2024. Some of the popular sites like Facebook.com, Wikipedia.org, Microsoft.com, Zoom.us, WordPress.com are using PHP.

But do you know the average PHP developer salary?

As per PayScale’s report,  for a region like the United States, it is $63,625 per year.

Average PHP Developer Salary

Image Source: https://devskiller.com/php-developer-salary/

Therefore, you can’t risk hiring the wrong people because the salary demand for this particular programming language is quite high. And, during the recruiting process, it is not just employee salary that needs your consideration; other factors are equally important. So, try to invest your energy, time, and capital in the right place.

So how do you hire the right developer for the job?

Sounds familiar?

Here are some quick tips or checklists you need to follow before hiring your new PHP developer.

7 Things To Keep In Mind While Hiring PHP Developers In 2021!

When you are hiring a developer for your app, software, or just for a website needs, there are numerous things you must look at. No wonder it will help you hire dedicated PHP developers, but it will also give you a clearer idea of where your project will reach.

So, let’s start creating a checklist for the same and let the entire recruiting process go smoothly.

#1. Technology Stack

Technology Stack

Do you know the core PHP function?- This is the first question you should ask the candidate. As you are hiring a post (PHP developer), having an in-depth knowledge of the PHP language is a must.

Apart from PHP, they should also know JavaScript, HTML, CSS; these three languages are the backbone of web development. If you get any candidates with these technical stacks, it makes sense to settle on him/her and choose it as a future tech partner.

Further, you can check the portfolio carefully to know:

  • What technology are they expertise in?
  • What certifications do they have?
  • What framework have they used before for web development?
  • What award have they achieved yet from their solution partner?

#2. Experience

How much experience do you have?- it should be your second question. It is said- a more experienced people take less time to perform tasks than newbies.

With experience, I am relating it with how much duration they have spent in the industry. I mean, how many projects have they successfully covered? It makes more sense, right?

Although, what would you do with a person who has 8-years of experience but has handled 4-5 projects. Besides, it’s a great idea to hire people with three years of experience but have delivered eight projects successfully.

This is important to consider because each project teaches something or anything to tackle errors.

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#3. Effective Communication Skills

Effective Communication Skills

Besides technical skills, effective communication is crucial, so hire one who is polite, communicates well, and can pass information to other people either vocally or written. There should be no regrets after hiring your next web developer, therefore check”:

  • What is their body language?
  • What gesture do they have while talking with you?
  • Does he/she know English?

If you are wondering why English, then let me tell you that you might have a situation where he/she has to talk with the client directly, and knowing English could help smooth interaction.

Consider all these points as it’s you and your team who have to work with them. If you are neglecting this now, in the future, you might have a problem.

#4. Check Previous Projects

To know whether the candidate fits for PHP development, the previous projects play a crucial role. They will tell you what type of PHP-based projects they have worked on and how all those projects are working now.

Moreover, analyze them based on the following factors:

  • Framework/Platform: See which version of PHP and which framework of it they have worked with. Although these things are upgraded all the time, understanding what they previously used would help you know what training you might have to provide them in the future.
  • Project Size: It will tell you about their efficiency in handling any size of the project. This means you can check whether they can work on a large-scale project or can only manage a small-scale project.
  • Variation in project type: With this, you check- are they expertise in providing the only solution for website development, or can they handle other projects like app development, eCommerce store development, CMS, etc.

#5. Learning & Adapting Skill

Adapting Skill

It’s good if the candidate could easily grasp the latest change done in the PHP version and frameworks used in a professional context. They should learn, adapt, or even rewrite their own codebase using the technical experience they had already.

While learning, they should know how to implement it in the web design to fit on an existing application architecture – especially when developing new systems!

It might sound like such obvious stuff, but this is what you need to look for to hire core PHP developers or programmers. Therefore, make sure that you choose the one who can openly adapt to changes in technical environments.

#6. Reviews & Feedback

Undoubtedly, looking at what others have to say (feedback) about the one you are planning to hire is the easiest way to find out their journey as a PHP developer. If their account is available on hiring portals like Upwork, or besides, if you are trying to outsource your project from a PHP development company, you go for sites like SoftwareFirm, Clutch, etc.

Apart from that, you can connect with the company or a person they have previously worked with to extract deeper insight into how dedicated they work.

#7.  Recruitment Models

What different type of recruitment models do you have to offer- is it:

  • Part-Time
  • Internship
  • Full-time

Some candidates might want freelance work or look for internships that mean they want to associate with for a short time. However, some might come for full-time employment; therefore, you have to decide what type of employee you want for your project.

What Platforms Must You Rely On To Find The Best PHP Development Company & PHP-Developer?

Whether it is recurring the right employee or company for your web development, you might find it a tricky task. There are various platforms where you can find the best PHP developer or a PHP development company screened based on location, hourly rates, year of experience, or any other factor. So, let’s start your search through these platforms:

1. SoftwareFirms: A IT Consulting Company


Whatever your tech requirement is, if it is PHP development, Mobile app development, Software Development SoftwareFirms is the right platform. Their network is associated with some of the best companies that can offer tech solutions. So, reach out to them and check the listed companies in its network.

However, you can use several filters like specific services, hourly rate, location, programming languages, framework, etc.

2. Google


You can not neglect the easiest as well as powerful platforms like Google Search Engine. Type the queries like best PHP development company or developer nearby me- a list of the best companies in your region will be displayed. However, to get a more specific result, pick the right keyword.

3. LinkedIn


When trying Google or even web consulting platforms, don’t forget to check LinkedIn. It is the best professional networking platform if you are planning to hire a full-time PHP developer, part-time developer, or internship candidate. Note you need to pick the right keyword to get the desired outcome.

4. Upwork


Again the best platform to recruit tech partners. It’s got everything from app developers to custom software developers. All things are in one place; use different filters to pick your desired candidate who can bring you real money or give a new shape to your project by venturing through various means like modern development tools, frameworks, etc.

5. Quora


Type any queries, and Quora has answers for you. Here, you will get answers written by many industry experts for a particular technology, a framework of even the web development & design companies. Similarly, like Google, you need to add search terms like “Best PHP Developer to build a web app in $30,000” or “Best Web Development Companies In India; after hitting enter, the results are ready for you.

6. Directories

Like SofwareFirms, there are other platforms to find information about custom web development companies or web developers.  Some of these platforms are:

  • GoodFirms
  • Clutch
  • The Manifest

Takeaway: Tips For Hiring Dedicated PHP Developers!

The hiring process plays a vital role in your project success, or simply you say business success. So, here are quick tips for the seamless hiring of a PHP developer for your next web project:

  • Before starting the hiring practices, ensure what you want or define your needs. This way, you are clear with everything, which means what question you need to ask, whether you need to hire them for the short or long run.
  • After deciding over ideas you have for your project, list down its requirements like its features, workflow, platform, framework, time frame, budget, etc.
  • Never share your idea until you are ready to sign an NDA with the respective people. Take your time, have proper research about the candidate and then make your decision.

I hope you follow these tips in your hiring process to have better results. If you have any suggestions for the same or would like to share your hiring experience with us, you are most welcome to our comment section.

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How do I hire a PHP developer?

You can follow few steps to hire a full-time PHP developer:

  • Ask questions related to past projects.
  • Evaluate existing knowledge base and learning skills.
  • Evaluate communication skills.
  • Assess the attitude.

How do I hire a top PHP developer?

There is a various platform where you can find a PHP developer:

  1. Toptal
  2. Hired
  3. We Work Remotely
  4. GitHub Jobs
  5. Authentic Jobs
  6. Freelancer
  7. Upwork
  8. People Per Hour
  9. Gun.io

How much does a PHP developer cost?

Hiring a custom PHP Web developer may cost you $5000 approx. But, if you want to customize as per your requirements, the cost may vary and range between $10,000 — $30,000.