Are you mulling seriously as to why you must choose Magento for your E-commerce store? Actually, Magento is an undoubted open source eCommerce platform that allows you to operate any size of E-commerce retail operations on your site and displays your products and services to your visitors through systematic online channels in an easy way. Since when Magento came into existence, it has drawn a lot of attention from developers and the merchant community because of a lot of features and functionalities. Today, this platform is known to be one of the most favored E- commerce platform for renowned brands such as Lenovo, Nestle, Fox connect, Nike, etc,. Just check out the some key points as why you should choose Magento as your E-commerce store.

  1. Control your E-store Fully:

Magento provides admirable capability to E-shop owners and developers to control the front- and back-end of their site easily. It means that this online platform can be fully customized and controlled with amazing features. When you are able to control your site fully, you can easily fulfill all business visions that you have dreamed for your E-store.

  1. SEO Friendly:


Magento is equipped with diverse search engine optimized features that help you to meet all SEO requirements. As a user, you obtain compelling SEO features such as numerous URL options, sitemaps, keywords and meta tags, descriptions and title. Furthermore, it comes with Google Sitemap, which allows you to inculcate search engines about the products, services and solutions, you are about to provide on your online store.

  1. Alerts for Products: 

Customers can subscribe two types Magento alters by email – in-stock alerts and price change alerts. When they sign up for price alerts, they get alerts whenever there is a change in the price of products and services. In-stock alerts, you get notified that the specific products, which were unavailable previously, are not available for sale. Such alert notifications keep your customers informed about the availability of products and services on your E-store and they consider placing more and more orders based on their needs.

  1. Absolutely Free of cost E-commerce Platform:

The Magento community edition is totally free and you can install or use any version of Magento CE as per your requirement. If you are a Magento expert, you can improve the performance of your store and can promote your website easily by adding the Magento modules. You can get a numerous modules at Magento Connect/Marketplace.

  1. Better Management Of Catalogs:

As Magento has advanced product upload features, it allows you to display thousands of items to a single import. It’s catalog management feature contains multiple categories and dynamic product attributes such as comparisons, wish lists, search results list and related product blocks, etc. All these work smoothly with Magento advanced capabilities and allow users to find easily what they want.

  1. Multiple Stores:

The main virtue of Magento is that it can run multiple storefronts from a single backend system. When your E-business makes progress by leaps and bounds and you need to expand it, then you can run multiple stores with one harmonized backend system. This is the main reason why, it is the first choice of people as the best E-commerce platform.

  1. Extensive Support:

The IT developers, programmers, bloggers, project managers and CEOs of Magento are always ready to help and work the beloved Magento community every day when someone face problems while operating his/her Magento store. Regular updates also fulfill the needs of all Magento users.

  1. Third Party Integration:

Magento permits you to integrate your e-store with a large number of third-party services (such as Paypal,eBay, database applications, Google analytics, Google shopping, WordPress, etc) so that you can increase the functionalities of your store easily and run it smoothly.

  1. Mobile Friendly:


To boost your sale, you need to make your e-store mobile friendly as more and more people do online shopping through various mobile applications. Magento is combined with HTML5 to increase the shopping experience on mobile devices. It has capability to accommodate the image size and it also supports video. There are a number of Magento developers and Magento based mobile application development companies that help you by creating an app for your Magento store. Magento Mobile app helps you to make your site popular among all those online shoppers who use mobile apps for online purchasing.

  1. Security:


Security is one of the main concerns for online store operators as they have to deal with very important financial transactions on a large scale every day. If there is no security on E-stores, customers will not make transactions. That is why, Magento understands the importance of security very well and provides a much secured platform for users so that online shoppers can make transactions on Magento E-stores without being worried about the security of their confidential details. Magento EE is integrated with Secure Payment Bridge, which strictly follows the rules and regulation of PCI data security standard ( which ensures the protection of customer’s data against unauthorized access).

  1. Internationalization Support:

When you are in E-commerce business and you want to make rapid progress, you need to reach out your potential customers around the globe. To serve this goal, Magento contains built in support for localization, multiple languages, multiple currencies and tax rate, which allows you to trade internationally and make lots of benefits easily.

  1. Easy Checkout:

Many online shoppers abandon purchasing products because of the complicated checkout process on E-shops. Fortunately, Magento provides one page checkout process (supported with secured SSL), which helps your customers to complete their orders easily. Additionally, there are various extensions that can be added to with Magento for a quicker checkout procedure that will keep your customers happy and decrease the rate of the abandonment of shopping carts.


If you want to sustain in the competitive E-commerce business environment and make progress, then choose Magento for your E-store. Choosing Magento helps you in many ways(mentioned above) while operating your E-business and you get your business targets easily. Just try it and see the difference yourself.