Web designing is always under constant change. The fact that websites are heavily dependent on the technology accounts for this change. While choosing perfect Lebanese software companies to design your website, keep these top few web designing trends in mind.

  1. Trend 1: Focus on Material Design: There are various forms that are used for the foundation of UI presentation. The latest trend is that Google’s Material design is used for UI development. This is mainly due to the change in focus of developing websites and modules for smartphones instead of usual laptops and desktops. The Google version has been there for quite some time, but with the passage of time the same has come up with interesting features like cropping up and so on making it replace Bootstrap.


  1. Trend 2: More focus on Cinema graph: Again, you will wonder that what is new about Cinema graphs. Agreed that these have existed for some time now but certain events that occurred in 2015 have brought cinema graph in the forefront. A lot of its success is due to the launch of latest I phone models that give viewers access to “live photos.” Unlike a static photograph, in this new feature any small movement while taking the snap is captured giving the snap a dynamic twist. Cinema Graphs are also similar in nature and lend a visual effect to the static photograph. Thanks to them the social media is flooded with live images loaded directly by users. Also, another reason for its success is the HTML 5 Canvas that is being used by one and all. This ensures that real time pictures are uploaded on to net directly without much hassle or waste of time in color coordination. When choosing Lebanese software companies to design your website ensure that they use this latest trend for you.
  1. Trend 3:Increase in Illustrations: Gone are the days, when websites used to be flooded with photographs to make the content look better and attractive. Now, website designers are choosing illustrations over photography. The reason for the shift being that as a viewer you can relate more with an illustration as compared to a static photograph. The illustrations have more relativity and appeals to a wider segment of people as compared to static photographs.


  1. Trend 4: Bolder Use of color: When designing a website, color and typography play an important role as it helps in conveying the message in the right tone. Now, all website designers are aware of this fact but many a times, their hands are tied due to the limited options available on the net. Over the last few years a lot has changed in terms of usage of color and typography. Various new web fonts are launched and also new color schemes that are a combination of one or more color is available for use to the web developer. 2016 will be one such year where a lot of brash color and bold typography will be used by web designers.

When deciding on the Lebanese software companies to build your website discuss with them the usage of these latest trends.