Who doesn’t love YouTube? It’s easy to use, versatile, with a huge amount of content and best of all, it’s free. The best things on the internet are. This is why today, we will teach you how to get all the YouTube clips you might want, in mp3 form, free of charge. It’s a super easy, intuitive process and anyone can make it happen. All you have to do is know how to access a webpage and you’ve got the technical knowledge covered. Now let’s see the actual required steps, and because there are a ton of converters out there on the internet, let’s take as an example our absolute favorite little tool: YTmp3.com.

  1. The first thing you want to do is access YouTube.com and find the video that got your attention. After opening it, you should look into your browser’s address bar and note the URL displayed there.


  1. Next, select the entire address and copy it.


  1. Open another tab in your browser and access YTmp3.com. Here you will immediately see a search box, right under the YTmp3 logo, containing the text Insert Video Link… pretty self-explanatory, right?


  1. Paste the URL you previously copied into this search box.


  1. On the same page, you will also notice a Convert to MP3 button, right under the search box mentioned in the previous step. Press this button now.


6.1. After the loading bar has reached 100%, the box will turn red and you will be able to see the word Download on it. Press here and the audio file will instantly download onto your device.


6.2. (Optional) There is also a Convert Another Video button underneath, in case you have changed your mind or suddenly remembered another more important video in need of your undivided attention. If this is the case, simply forget the Download and  simply select the Convert Another Video option to go back to the homepage.


7.1. After your download has been completed successfully, a check mark will appear on the upper side of the screen, with the message You have successfully downloaded (followed by the name of the video). The Convert Another Video feature is still there, so now you can move on to the next file you would like to convert and download.


  1. (Optional) In case you are running out of ideas, but still would like to enjoy some music, this particular website displays a list with the last downloaded videos via the YTmp3 tool, files that you can also download for yourself if you’re curious.


This is how simple it is to download all the YouTube videos of your choice into mp3 form so as to enjoy them wherever you might be and not get interrupted by a slow connection or other problems that can occur. Music and many more types of audio files can be used as mp3 for anything you can think of, from workouts to audio books and nature sounds to help you sleep better. The limit is your own imagination, so use them wisely and have fun!