Tablet computers, together with laptops, have become as popular as desktop computers because their users can operate them while sitting in an easy chair or reclining in bed. I have a BlackBerry Playbook and I find this to be quite true indeed. This article will tell you what to consider when buying a new tablet.

Size and Weight

The size and weight of the tablet is one of the first things that you want to take into consideration when making a purchase. You want one that is light enough for you to be able to hold in your hands for long periods without getting worn out. The tablet should also be large enough that you can easily make out the images on it, although you can always resize it with your fingers.

Sharpness of Images

By the same token, check the number of pixels on the screen; that will tell you how sharp an image you can expect to get. Get the tablet with the largest number of pixels that you can afford.


Millions of apps for tablet computers exist currently, and by the time you finish reading this article there will probably be dozens, if not hundreds, more. They are designed for all kinds of purposes, from checking the local weather to playing games to planning a vacation somewhere. You must realize that not all apps can be downloaded to every line of tablet. In particular the iPad has many apps for itself alone. On the home screen of each tablet you should find an icon that links to the games and apps that can be downloaded onto it, and you can perform a search to find one that you like.

Tablet Models

Tablets are continually being updated and it is a good idea to buy the latest version of the one that you want; it will almost always have improvements over previous generations. The iPad with Retina Display (market name for the fourth generation iPad), for instance, sports an Apple A6X chip that has up to twice the CPU and graphics performance of the new iPad (third generation, which has been discontinued) and a Lightning connector on which the number of pins has been reduced to eight from thirty on its predecessor and whose purpose is to connect the device to a PC.

Compare Tablets

As with all products, the research is in comparison research and the best way to compare tablets is through a major online shopping outlet, such as Amazon or Google. To narrow down the range of products, search under computers or electronic devices. You can have the results sorted either by price or by rating; focus only on those that have received four stars or higher. Read what other customers have said, both the good and the bad (and the ugly, too), about each tablet before judging whether it would be a good buy or not.

Hybrid Devices

Computers that can be converted from laptops to tablets are now being made and are becoming very popular because they essentially give you the “best of both worlds”. However, since they are neither one nor the other but both, they may not excel or specialize in certain features in the way that a laptop or a tablet might be able to. When choosing between a laptop or tablet, be sure to consider whether you would want a hybrid of those or would be content just to have one or the other.

Selling Your Old Device

Amazon allows its customers to sell their tablets, which is good to know if you want to exchange it for a newer version of the same. If you intend to sell yours, you should first remove all files that you have saved there in case they contain personal information such as passwords.


Carol Thomas is a technology and business writer, and writes about helpful topics such as tablet reviews and reviews on the best senior tablets.