Yesterday, Google Introduced some new developer features to the Google Play Games service that game developers can take benefit of. Those features comprise Key alerts, Player stats, and double the Cloud save storing. Fundamentally, Google is making it even stress-free for game developers to recognize what players are performing in their game, handle their game features and save more data in their Google cloud account.

Google is now increasing the Cloud storage limits. From October 14th onwards, Game Developers will be able to store up to 256KB per game save space and up to 1MB per users, twice the former limit of 512KB.

If you are one of the many Game developers, you can now perceive data about player action for each of their games inside the Developer Console. You can perceive how many folks have signed into your game using Google, check the percentage of players who have unlocked successes, and check how many scores have been displayed to leaderboards.

Next up, is the alerts in the developers’ console. The Developer Console will also now show alerts when it displays you have made an error, assisting in saving both you and your players from probable sadness. These can include anything from incorrect IDs for achievements or leaderboards, forgetting to hit the publish button, or having your game throttled because you accidentally called a method in a tight loop.

“Mobile games are on fire right now; in fact, three out of every four Android users are playing games,” Google boasts. “Building on Google Play Services, you can quickly add new social features to your games, for richer game experiences that drive user acquisition and engagement across platforms.”

These are just minor add-ons, but collected they should make it cooler for game developers to influence Google Play Games Services.

As usual, you can catch all the information regarding the newly introduced features by visiting the Android Developers blog.