Mislaying or leaving your smart device will be an entity of the past and a lot of the communications will be restricted to finger taps and voice instructions.

One of the most prevalent and much-hyped device is the iWatch, which till now has yet to be publicized or launched by Apple. Seemingly, Apple has a team of 100 designers employed on the device which may carry biometric features for enhanced safekeeping and health monitors on top of an innovative (see: curved glass) design.

But though the world waits, some quite astonishing iWatch concept designs thought up by liberated designers are by now on the streets. Some are reasonably going to persist as concept designs whereas others will make you desire they are going to turn into real. Bear in mind that we are not just considering the form; we are also seeing at function and the User-Interface that may alter the way we collaborate with technology, yet another time.

10 Amazing Apple iWatch Concept Designs So Far [Pics]

Pavel Simeonov

1. iWatch-by-Pavel-Simeonov

2. iWatch-by-Pavel-Simeonov

3. iWatch-by-Pavel-Simeonov

Edgar Rios

4. iWatch-by-Edgar-Rios

Diccarese Design

5. iWatch-by-Diccarese-Design

6. iWatch-by-Diccarese-Design

7. iWatch-by-Diccarese-Design


Yrving Torrealba

8. iWatch-by-venestudio

Esben Oxholm

9. iWatch-by-Esben-Oxholm

10. iWatch-by-Esben-Oxholm


11. iWatch-by-jivaldi

12. iWatch-by-jivaldi

13. iWatch-by-jivaldi

Zach King

14. hologram-iwatch-alarm

15. hologram-iwatch-jogging

16. hologram-iwatch-lock-pass

Antorio Derosa

17. iwatch-adr-wrist

18. iwatch-adr-black

20. iwatch-adr-side-and-back

Tolga Tuncer

20. iwatch-wet-dream

21. iwatch-wet-dream

22. iwatch-wet-dream