It’s always a danger for manufacturers of the latest mobile phones like Samsung to be seduced by image, and feel that they should focus entirely on churning out luxury smartphones for the top end of the market. While the margins on handsets like the Samsung Galaxy S3 are undeniably higher it is a truism in the mobile phone industry that today’s satisfied user of a cheaper handset is tomorrow’s potential user of a more expensive one. Samsung have clearly taken this to heart by including in the range of the latest mobile phones enough variety to suit all wallets. Here’s what you might want to look out for from, whether for you or your children, for the latest offerings from Samsung.


There’s nothing flashy about the E1200’s appearance but then this handset is perfectly designed to do its primary job well – keeping its owner in contact. It comes with a rubber anti-dust keypad and sculpted scallop underside for better grip as well as a well-crafted navigation system that allows you to access things like contacts and call history with only a single button press. In terms of extras again there aren’t many bells and whistles here. It does have a camera and can come with either 16 or 32MB of internal memory, but what really gives the E1200 some serious heft within its class is the lifespan of its battery. Samsung state that fully-charged it can produce up to 7 hours of talk-time, while on standby it will last a whopping 720 hours before you need to recharge it. Granted ultimately this phone is not one to get you noticed, but if it’s in the hands of your children this is quite possibly no bad thing. In the end the E1200 is cheap, functional and reliable.