In order to earn the Oracle certification OCA 10g — which stands for Oracle Certified associate of the 10g database management system, an individual applicant will be required to complete the Oracle OCA 10g certification examination – upon doing so, the individual possesses an implicit understanding of the process necessary to not only operate, but in certain cases manage an Oracle Database management system. As technology continues to advance at such a rapid rate, the need for individuals certified in Oracle Database management systems is ever-increasing; the global reliance on not only this digitally-stored data – but also individuals certified in its management are essential. Due to the fact that Oracle storage systems are amongst the most widely-used, vast arrays of Oracle certifications are available to those individuals pursuing a career in Oracle Database management.

The OCA 10g is an Oracle certification that reflects that a candidate possesses introductory mastery of the Oracle DBA 10g database system. In many cases, this Oracle certification is recommended for candidates considered to be beginners with regard to their arrival into the industry of Oracle database systems management, which allows them to become team members with both Data Center managers, as well as developers of Oracle data management applications — oftentimes, these candidates may act as data systems associates. Subsequent to earning an Oracle OCA 10g certification, a candidate may prepare themselves to undertake the next step in Oracle certification — OCP 10g, which is an Oracle Certified Professional.

The website (click here) is an online educational database that acts as an all-inclusive study guide for those undertaking the Oracle OCA 10g examination for the certification of the administration of the 10g database management system.