Web development has allowed the developers to spread web technology among the large numbers of users across the world. However, one can get the benefits of this technology at its growing stage not at its developed stage. That is why you need to have a detailed understanding of the latest innovations in web development technologies.

Implementing these web development technologies into your business can be a tough task. However, you can hire a software development team or you can get dedicated development teams for developing your website. But before you start talking with any web development company for your web development task, you need to look at the recent trend in web development technology.

In this blog, we will discuss with you the eight web development technology trends that are going to create a revolution in the web technology world.

Top Web Development Trends that You Can’t-Miss Out

Every business needs to keep their websites updated as per the latest trends to survive in the markets. That is why you need to have an in-depth knowledge of web development technologies trends if you want to grow your profits in this market. Here are the eight web development technologies trends that are going to rule over the app markets in the future:

1. Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps are the most influential trend of the web technology world and that’s the reason we have put it on the top of our list. As per Statista, 11% (approx.) of the company are already using PWA for their web development.

The important feature of a PWA is that it will not crash during the server loading or in times of high traffic. This speed will reduce the server load. Also, there is no need for the user to go to the app stores for the update, PWAs will get automatically updated.

Progressive web apps are essential for e-commerce companies, news platforms, startups, etc. By using this technology these players can reach a bigger audience.

2. Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages

The reason behind making accelerated mobile pages is to speed up the webpage’s performance so that the user can’t leave it. Google started using AMPs in its webpages in 2015. It is still improving and developing it to give a faster loading experience to its users.

Accelerated Mobile Pages are very popular among the developers as it allows them to create user-friendly web pages to the users. This will increase the SERP ranking of the webpage.

AMP plugins allow you to reach maximum users even in the slow internet connectivity. It allows small businesses to compete with big players.

3. Single Page Application

Single Page Application

Single Page Applications are trending in the software markets these days. The single-page app is a kind of web app or website that works in the web browser itself. So the users do not have to download a separate app for everything. In this way, single-page apps will help its users to save their storage space.

The main reason for the gaining popularity of the single-page apps is their instant operation. Also, single web page applications consume fewer data and work without server-side technology.

The concept of Single Page Applications has become popular with the rise of Javascript frameworks. You can intercept specific web browser events or you can use JSON. Google and Facebook are the prime companies that have made single-page applications for their users.

4. Voice Search Optimization

Voice Search Optimization

In the future, the web world will be more voice-friendly rather than text-oriented. Siri and Alexa are the best examples of voice search technology tools. Thus it has become necessary for the developers to integrate this technology into web development to cash out its high demand in the markets.

Nowadays, AI-enabled voice search optimization tools are trending in the markets due to their innovative functionalities. It saves the time of its users by letting them do multiple tasks on a single platform. This will help your users to manage their tasks effortlessly.

These tools execute the command by recognizing the voice of the users. Voice Search technology can be integrated into web pages, mobile apps, and other platforms.

5. Motion UI

Motion UI

Innovative design is an important part of any website as it makes the website more interactive and user-friendly. That is why many developers are adding some animation or GIF into their website to make it more beautiful. If you want to make your websites more attractive, then Motion UI is the best way for you to do that.

Although motion UI is in the web development markets since 2018, its demand will further increase in the upcoming years. Motion UI offers numerous animations such as texts, photos, 3D objects, creative illustrations to web developers for making more appealing websites. Thus, it will help you to get more user engagement on your website.

6. JavaScript Frameworks

JavaScript Frameworks

Javascript is not a new concept for web developers, yet it is still in high demand when it comes to web development. In the upcoming years, the further rise in the web development segment will increase the need for Javascript frameworks.

In the coming years, Javascript frameworks will have UI/UX, testing, and multiple product development aspects. The developers can use this framework on readymade components, they do not have to create separate components every time. It will save a lot of time for your developers.

VueJS, Flutter, ReactJS, etc. are a few names of the top web development companies. If you want to use this robust technology for your business then you need to hire a react js developer for it.

7. Serverless Applications and Architecture

Serverless Applications

Serverless applications and architecture are related to the running of apps without a server. In this technology, a web development company rents a web server from other vendors rather than making one on its own. This technology enables its users to avoid data loss, system overloading, and high development costs.

Serverless applications work on the Faas (function as a service) model. It helps web developers to reduce their web-making and development costs. It also makes apps more flexible and sustainable.

In the future serverless technology will be used in IoT tools, chatbots, and many other tools. Amazon, Google, and Microsoft have started using serverless applications to provide seamless services to their users.

8. Ghost Buttons

Ghost Buttons

Ghost buttons are the latest trend in the web development technology sector. It is a unique way of creating call-to-actions (CTAs) for your websites. Ghost buttons are different from the traditional CTAs as they are attractive and minimal in appearance. Ghost buttons appear as an invisible line that gets highlighted if someone moves the cursor over it.

Ghost buttons help web developers to avoid distractions that can be created by the typical big buttons on their websites. It can be used in the pages easily without affecting the existing visual design of the webpage. In this way, ghost buttons can make the website more elegant by using the existing design framework rather than using a new framework every time.

Final Words

I hope this blog has provided you with a clear understanding of all the web development technology trends used in today’s times. You can use these technologies to gain the most out of your web development. If you want to integrate these innovative technologies into your business, then you can consult a software development company that can help you to build them as per your business requirements.

Are you still having any doubts in mind regarding these web development technologies? Feel free to reach us.