In this dynamic world, people routinely use smartphones. They are not only a way of communication; with incredible features, smartphones have offered jobs to several people. These routine schedules include calling, messaging, connecting with people on social media as well as utilizing bank apps for bill payments and other matters. One cannot ignore the importance of smartphones and applications as they drive dynamic transformations in one’s life. Smartphones will be gaining a wider audience than expected in 2021.

As per statistics, the usage of smartphones is expected to rise to 3.8 billion. Which shows the regular rise in the mobile industry. The growing progress of the digital world has landed us with the development of applications. When discussing smartphones, applications are one of the primary reasons for this rise.

These applications are designed to balance the workload of the users. They allow the users to ease their complicated tasks with various new tools and functions in them. Just like Android phones have Google Play Store, iPhone App Development Company has launched iOS Systems for the Apple products like iTunes or Apple Store. Users can access the email data, pictures, audio files or history of Phone and certification, and other general tasks. Applications have made our life flexible in communication, photography, health, education, and many other categories that you will explore in this post. App development companies are working dedicatedly to maintain the pace with a demanding audience. The list below mentions the top categories of the Google Play Store applications according to the latest 2020 rankings.

  1. Games
  2. Education
  3. Business
  4. Tools
  5. Entertainment
  6. Music & Audio
  7. Books & Reference
  8. Personalization

Top 8 Most Popular Google Play App Store Categories

1. Games: The Active Part of Life


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As per records, games have gained 13.44% in the 3rd quarter of 2020. This shows that kids and adults who have been staying home during the Pandemic have been playing games in their leisure time. Individuals are installing games to pass their time and active their mind while utilizing different sources. For example, if you look deeply into the games categories you will find Among Us receiving approx. 4.5 stars with 7.6 million followers.

With this, the second most played game is Call of Duty, with 4.5-star ratings and 11.6 Million followers playing around the globe. These games are played by users to kill time, whereas they develop strong mental intelligence. It assists the users to make and imply the strategies in real life as well. With colorful locations and weapons, this game offers friends to play, maps to discover, and wonderful graphics & images.

2. Education: Making It Easy to Study


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People staying at home during a pandemic are curious to learn different languages, improve their vocabularies, understand phrases, and enhance their worldly knowledge. Users are installing Duolingo to learn different languages for free. This application provides lessons for practice speaking, writing, and listening to the languages to develop the vocabulary, memorize the grammar. People have been conscious in choosing the appropriate and productive applications for their learning systems. For this 10.1 Million people have followed this app and rated 4.5 stars.

Some parents have been using the ‘Preschool Learning: Fun Educational Games for Kids’ application for their kids. This application encourages kids to learn new words, sounds, and coordination between different parts of the body. Applications like these support parents to teach toddlers and kindergarten kids to communicate visually, think logically, develop their fine motor skills and IQ level. This ‘StudyBase’ application is one of the most used applications among school-going kids. This application connects the student with their teachers, where they communicate and share assignments. Parents, students, and teachers are the primary audience of this application.

3. Business: Improve your productivity


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If you are looking for business applications, you must browse the business section in Google Play Store. Here you will find the most productive and used applications, such as Microsoft Teams, adobe scan, Office Suite Pro, etc. For Microsoft Teams, it is the platform for the teams to meet, communicate through a conference call, share content. Collaborate with Microsoft teams, if you think you need to have good exposure to the business application. This application receives 4.2 stars with 2.2 million followers, whereas in Office Suite Pro, 4.3 ratings are given and 95 thousand users have installed the app.

Microsoft Teams have created an easy aspect of communicating; it can be 1 on 1 discussion, or group discussion or conference call. This app helps you to share and manage your files according to your needs and use. With documents, it helps you to make and share calendars be it personal or work. Organizes your daily tasks, tracking your location, and alarming you about the upcoming events. Whereas, Office Suite pro offers you to edit, read, and create a new document, excel file, or PowerPoint presentation. These both and other applications in this category help you to increase your productivity among the competition in the industry.

4. Tools: Secure your app


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Tools are common among users who like to hide or protect their data from others. If you are planning to hide some items from the display screen of the smartphone, or you want to protect your application, you must browse this category. It will assist you in selecting the appropriate application for your device. Let’s say you want to have application lock on specific applications, for this you will have an App lock application, or CM Security apps, or finger lock apps. It is up to you which one you select. The top-rated one with 4.6 stars is AppLock. This application will help you to lock sensitive information as well as applications for the display screen. You can utilize this app to lock the following applications.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • LinkedIn
  • WhatsApp
  • Messenger, etc.

If you want to lock the system application like the following you can also utilize this app. With a fingerprint, pin code, or password you can activate the security system.

  • Gallery
  • SMS
  • Phone
  • Contact
  • Notebook
  • Gmail
  • Settings or
  • File Management, etc.

Similarly, CM App Lock provides you these options, whereas you can customize the settings by changing the background color or lock type.

5. Entertainment: For Your Amusement

Entertainment is considered to be the most active category among youngsters. In their leisure time, people love to explore entertainment applications, which include face-swapping, cartoonist avatar, funny emoji faces, and much more. If you are planning to explore this side of the category, look for a face-swapping app, it is rated to be the number one entertaining application. This application is bizarre for people to swap their faces with the deep-fake element. It can swap your face digitally on the Forbes cover page, any other top magazine, swap your face with the singer in the concert video, etc. It is the advanced version of AI to connect the audience with futuristic applications.

If you are curious to know how you will look in the Cartoonist Avatar, try using Avatoon. It entertains the user with its powerful editing tools by transforming your natural picture in the cartoonist Avatar. You can share it on a social media platform for others to try and trend it. This app provides you with Emoji, personalized stickers, cartoon characters, etc.

6. Music & Audio: Listen to Soothing Voices

Music is one of the best parts of entertaining yourself, it helps you to calm your nerves, think effectively, dance to the beats and rhythms. Users love to explore a variety of tools so that they can easily find their favorite songs without any ads or premium charges. If you are also looking for Music & audio tools, the top-rated ones might help you. Music Player has 4.8 stars from the 52 hundred thousand users. It has the most stylish design, with powerful equalizers and features. You can find songs in 40+ languages, with elegant themes and genres. You can add the songs to your playlists, like the songs, and share them on social media with your friends and families.

Radio Mobi is an app with 80000 radio stations, which is in collaboration with 196 countries. If you love to listen to diversified music, this application has gotten the tunes and songs. From Pop to Jazz, from Classical to religious, this application covers all genres.

7. Books & References: Read to Enhance Your Skills

Developers have seen the titling interest of the users towards books and References. Where Users like to learn different languages, they like to read short stories or e-books from the applications. Some applications allow users to have their personalized library. However, they have to purchase some books to make it happen. Like in the Any books application, users have to pay some charges to get some books in their library. Here a million books are available for you to read. You can read offline, or online depends on your decision.

Some applications offer your books in different languages, such as German, French, Urdu, Spanish, if you are not familiar with English. They help you to enhance your vocabulary as well as grammar skills for speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Applications offer you customization options, as well as adding bookmarks or highlights on the page or line respectively. Users also like to learn the meaning or search for the meanings of hard words. They use the app for understanding the word, knowing synonyms and antonyms. This application assists you in learning vocabulary, understanding phrases, and idioms regularly.

8. Personalization: Create your Own Version

Using default settings may have bored some users, so developers introduced applications that can assist you in customizing your device settings and applications. Users can personalize the keyboard settings, backgrounds, fonts, emoji, or device fonts, size of the font, and many other functions. If you admire stylish fonts you can utilize the applications to personalize the system. With this, you can control the screen settings through Control Center IOS 13- Screen Recorder. It helps you to modify the setting, screenshot, capture screen, night mode, or bedtime light.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How many apps do Google Play Store feature?

A1: Google Play Store has more than 2.65 million applications with over 25+ types of app categories. Each of the top categories features more than the top 10 apps per section.

Q2: How many apps are there on Google Play Store in 2020?

A2: In 2020, the staggering number of applications available on Google play has gone past 2.87 million. As the numbers increase every day.

Q3: How many apps are downloaded a day?

A3: While there is no certain number of applications downloaded every day, an average suggests about 592 million app downloads a day.