The significance of artificial intelligence and its emerging segments are ruling the world for a long time. If you look around, you will see the implementation of Artificial Intelligence is present everywhere. Industrialists are exploring this modern technology in their business to achieve profitable goals. Today AI is not restricted to Google Search. We are using this technology in other fields too like a conversation in Alexa, chatbots on websites, etc.

AI technology has come a long way from just Google search to now face recognition. The flexible idea of innovation has made an endless opportunity for imaginative outcomes. The technology is not only improving the existing services but also opening the door for different IT projects.

However, the debate is still on: whether it is the end of AI or going to rule out new innovative solutions?

The popularity of artificial intelligence is unimaginable, especially in the mobile app development industry. Moreover, I believe the best is still to come. The Future of AI holds more achievements that will carry us more towards an imaginative future. To reach those achievements, business giants, mobile app developers, and mobile app development companies are playing important roles.

According to Statista, it would surprise you to know that Global spending on AI business is expected to reach nearly $98 billion in 2023.

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So, before I dig into the future of mobile AI, I would like to discuss more statistical report on powerful technology-AI

Statistics roaming around Artificial Intelligence:

  • Today, AI is buzzing all around. The market of Artificial Intelligence has gained a great amount of growth only because of the technologist out there. As per a Gartner Report, Artificial Intelligence will make 2.3 million Jobs by 2020, which means the 1.8 million will wipe out.
  • In the year 2016, the market for AI-driven products, equipment, and software arrived at more than 8 billion dollars. Additionally, the New York Times narrated that interest in AI will reach the revolution.
  • Overall spending on AI is examined to reach 35.8 billion dollars in 2019, which expands 44% more than in 2018. Also, it has been forecasted that it would increase to 79.2 billion dollars in 2022.

That much interest in this technology is enough to justify it as a great future, or artificial intelligence’s future is broad. We have also observed the implementation of this technology in large numbers. Whether it is the medical field, education, cybersecurity, or finance sectors, it has offered better assistance to all those industries.

Further, from chatbots to network safety applications, I trust AI will be a vital piece of things to come off portable. Beneath, I will elaborate on how AI could revolutionize the mobile industry and how its features will shape the mobile devices or mobile apps that we will use in the future.

Let’s start with.

What AI’s features can revolutionize the future of mobile devices and mobile apps?: Importance of Mobile AI

  • Repetitive Learning: It automates Repetitive Learning. Here I do not mean it will automate the tasks done on a repetitive basis like how robotics do. It discovers the data that is repetitively done. Also, it has the power to perform successive, high-volume, automated assignments dependably and without any fault.
  • Add intelligence: It becomes easy to add intelligence(algorithm/rules) to existing items. AI itself is not an application it needs a medium to include it. Or maybe, items you are using today will be expanded with AI abilities, just like Google Assistant.
  • Progressive learning: AI works on progressive learning. Here we include the algorithm to the machine to perform the programming. This algorithm acts as an indicator or predictor. In this way, the algorithm will teach itself which product to suggest for the next online shopping.
  • Data Analysis: It is reliable to collect huge data utilizing neural systems. You can have a deeper understanding of human behavior. That is why it is vastly used in acquiring insight into user behavior and pattern during online shopping.
  • Accuracy: It accomplishes unimaginable accuracy through the deep neural networks. This AI feature is mostly used in disease classification, image recognition, and object acknowledgment. Nowadays, doctors are using this for the detection of Cancer disease on MRIs. The accuracy of reports is similar to those with exceptionally trained radiologists.

These are a few features of AI in which we can design our mobile application. In the future, we expect companies should use it to improve security, voice search, visual recognition, and so on. In short use it to improve the overall user experience. Make sure you include these features in your mobile development strategy for business success.

What to expect with Mobile AI? How does AI change the future?

“Anything that could give rise to smarter-than-human intelligence—in the form of Artificial Intelligence, brain-computer interfaces, or neuroscience-based human intelligence enhancement – wins hands down beyond contest as doing the most to change the world. Nothing else is even in the same league.”

—Eliezer Yudkowsky

AI technology is a fully packed solution for various problems that we are facing in day-to-day life. One of them is managing data. Whether it is a business or our personal, life data is important for all of us.

In business, we need user data to expand our reach to the target audience. For these activities, AI is everyone’s favorite. Because this technology has the power to dig out massive information in a few minutes. Analyzing the user behavioral pattern can draw insight into users. One can use this insight to meet their respective business goal.

Here are some categories where we can expect the future of Mobile AI:

1. Improved Security

Data security is always a matter of concern. If phishing and hacking continue to grow in the coming years, then utilizing AI in mobile phones is a great deal. We should encourage mobile manufacturers and mobile app development companies to include AI technology while developing an app.

Implementing AI and other modern technology like machine learning could give a signal or alert message when any type of uncertain or suspicious activity is conducted on mobile phones. The altered message will help you in securing the sensitive data before it gets misused by someone.

AI uses repetitive learning to detect the suspicious activity of any user. So, AI-based apps would help in providing advanced security to mobile phones or other devices.

Apple is one organization that is utilizing AI in its products for security purposes and is a genuine example of how to incorporate this innovation into the mobile space for this reason. A significant number of the latest lines of iPhones are furnished with Apple’s Face ID technology, which uses machine learning and AI to guarantee that only mobile phone owners have access to data available in the device.

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2. Greater Personalization

As online retail encounters keep getting progressively famous, retailers are consistently hoping to remain in front of their opposition by adding more worth. Nowadays, cost alone is not the sole integral factor for clients, and numerous brands may locate that customized and custom-made shopping experiences can support client changes. For organizations like Sephora and American Eagle, AI innovation has just permitted them to cause these exceptionally customized experiences to occur.

For instance, Sephora’s Color IQ uses AI to filter a client’s face and quickly give customized proposals to select the perfect shade of concealer and foundation. This empowers clients to discover the cosmetics products that flawlessly coordinate their skin tone and allows them not to stab at cosmetics manually.

Another example of an organization that is starting to coordinate AI into its shopping experience is American Eagle. They have begun to use AI that permits customers to see and demand various sizes for things they are taking a stab at, get item proposals dependent on those things, see checkout aggregates, and email data to themselves.

3. Voice Search

By permitting clients to experience something happening naturally, AI and voice search technologies are leaving numerous open doors for AI-based applications. App development companies can encounter an outstanding increment in their conversational rate. According to the research, it has found that voice search provides a better user experience.

In eMarketer’s report, anticipating vast quantities of clients will utilize voice search in 2020 and ahead.

According to Wordstream’s report submission, we will have 50% of the search as a Voice Search.

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So, if web companies ignore AI’s benefits, they are far away from success in the future. Mobile AI has a great future ahead.

4. Better GPS/Navigation

The automobile industry is upgrading its vehicles for a smooth and better user experience. Mobile development companies can coordinate with automobile industries to provide applications that empower voice-enacted orders when drivers are driving the vehicles.

Some of the world’s most famous automobile brands, like Renault, Volkswagen Nissan, are incorporating AI-based technology to make a consistent experience for drivers. The presence of such technology will provide better GPS.

Companies like Uber and OLA are using AI technology in their mobile app to provide a better driving experience with a deep mapping structure. The app allows the proper roadmaps of any location.

5. Smart Communication

After introducing Chatbots, the communication between the business person and the user has become much better. It has automated communication in various channels.

AI technology is a well-known solution that makes the conversation much better. We have seen the usability of chatbots. The objective behind having a chatbot is to replace man with an automated system.

Nowadays, we can use both text and voice to search for any type of information on the web. And, this seems to be used more often in the coming days. The future is now for visual search.

  • Almost 53% of organizations are dependent on Chatbots.
  • 64% of the company’s agents using AI chatbots solve complex problems faster than the agent without AI-oriented chatbots.
  • 58% of people believe that the emergence of new technology like chatbots and voice assistants will rule the business world in the coming years.
  • 54% of business giants say companies should use AI-based technology to increase customer engagement.
  • 77% of customers want transformed chatbots service that can fulfill their expectations.

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The introduction of AI is driving every industry crazy, especially mobile application prospects. In short, we can say, a little change in the mobile app development process that is including AI has a tremendous ability to shape the user experience, not only that it is providing a dramatic improvement in the success lifecycle of any company.

Companies should discover benefits from the favorable circumstances of AI giving to them, like AI-based applications can provide more customer engagement, improve user experience, drive traffic, and much more. So, don’t wait for anything; just start implementing the AI in your next web projects.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1: Does Mobile AI have a future?

A1: Yes, we can say Mobile AI has a vast future.

Q2: How the implementation of AI in a mobile app is impacting the future of mobile development companies?

A2: The companies who are including AI in their app have a great future. The features of AI like face recognition, data analysis, solving complex problems are influencing them to include it in their app because it increases users’ engagements.

Q3: What are some examples of AI in real life?

A3: Some of the popular devices and application that includes AI are as follow

  • Amazon’s Echo
  • Google Duplex
  • MuseNet
  • Wordsmith
  • Uber