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Groupboard is the most popular and free online Whiteboard and chat app.It easily works on any operating system, any web browsers including iPhone, iPad and Android. The best part of this free online Whiteboard is that it doesn’t requires any download or plugin.It can be simply embedded into your website.This whiteboard becomes beneficial for architects, universities, online tutors and artists.Online tutors prefer it for distance learning, online doodling and collaborative design.


Conceptboard is another famous online whiteboard.Its great features makes it popular and effective for use. All it needs is a creation,development of idea,draw your resources and let the creativity flow. It is perfect online collaboration board to discuss and evolve ideas.


Another free online whiteboard for perfect distance learning and online tutoring is Scribblar.This helpful tool for online tutoring is used by students,teachers and schools all over the world (around 25 countries).


Twiddla is one of the most simplest, easy accessible and real time online collaboration tool.

Its is also used for inviting users and collaborating them for easy and quick work. To start a session just hit green button (Go button) and click on invite option.Its also provides great set of tools for users. It doesn’t requires any advanced scheduling, installing plug-ins, downloads or complicate firewalls.Its beauty is in its simplicity and accessibility.It has a “browse” option to makes the links clickable added in the background.Its another unique features is in built chat option and free audio conference capability.Twiddla is one the most impressive app and best to use among all tools.


Vyew is easily accessible real time online tool used for uploading images,videos and files into a room. It also allows you to share content anytime or contribute it in real time. Users can also share and contribute it anytime. If you are looking for combining and interactive tool then Vyew is worth considering for all your requirements.This powerful tool helps to create session board and  edit your drawings, adding shapes, changing text / colors/  adjust width and many more.I


Skrbl is well known as multi user online whiteboard. It is very quick and simple to access and start skrbl. One can simply start using multi user whiteboard, start skrbl, give out your URL & start working together.There is one common space to text, upload files and pictures , sketch and share. But unknowingly skrbl is still running in beta since last two and half years. They have free as well paid version (since paid version only allows collaboration and charge $10/month).

Web Whiteboard

Web Whiteboard is another free online and simple tool for collaborative working. Usually it is used for drawing and writing together with other people. It is customized for easy use and instact acess.