Sending SMS messages was a key utility in the mid year of 2000 and people started sending more and more of SMS rather phone calls. Everyone started sending SMS, it saves their time and conveys the info quickly. But the telecom firms started charging fairy high for just 160 characters. The utility of these messages exposed it to reach to common masses but its fairly high price made it limited.

The pricing did not diminish its demand but had other sources to send it. You would be curious to know the resource to send the same without paying any fee. The fascinating power of internet made it free to use. You just need to log on to your PC/ laptop and start using these free online text sending websites. The only flaw is that you have to sit infront of a PC/laptop unless you have a smartphone with good interent connection.Here are 10 great sites to send free text messages to cell phones (SMS).

Why you need online websites to send free text messages ?? – You might be thinking that in today’s digital world everyone has chat apps and messengers like -Whats App, We Chat, Line, Hike and many more.All the messenger and apps need internet capability both side users as well some annual fee too. Whereas while sending text messages online you do not have to pay a single penny. All it needs is a internet connection.Thus, sending SMS is more easier then these messenegrs/ app.

Here are listed top 10 website to send free text messages online:


1. 160by2


160by2 is very famous free website to send SMS to any mobile number on any network within India.The limit for standard SMS is 160 and personal SMS is 140. 160by2 is good service for sending SMS within India.

2. SlideSMS


SlideSMS is very popular SMS website to send unlimited messages for free.You can send unlimted international messages to more than 200 countries.The limit is set to 300 characters.It has a special feature of sending images and pictures instantly all around the globe.

3. Way2SMS


Way2SMS is the most famous online SMS website due to its fast delivery time. It delivers the text in just 10 seconds. This quick and easy sending and other features make it very popular from years. It also has a special feature of sending frequent email alerts to Chat with your Gtalk and Yahoo friends using Way2SMS simultaneously .

4. SMScity


SMScity allows you to send free international SMS daily including pictures messages. It has restricted to send free SMS to 22 different countries.

5. Textmefree


TextmeFree is very similar to its names. It also allow you to send free SMS to almost all countries of the world without registration .

These five websites to send free text message online are really helpful to send SMS online without charging any amount. All of them are free to send SMS within India and all around the world.