iOS is a mobile operating system that works only on Apple hardware. iOS has a huge market and is in neck to neck competition with Android. iTunes has a huge collection of apps which is increasing every day. It is difficult to choose the most productive and useful apps out of this huge number.

Here are top 10 iOS apps that you must download and start using –



This app is a treat for music lovers because you will start using it as soon as you download. It has a karaoke tool that lets you sing along your favourite pop songs and even international tracks. It has an impressive collection of tracks. It now comes with a classy widget that helps you to follow lyrics on demand and you don’t have to open the whole app for that.



Pocket has been named as one of the best app for iOS and ipad by the app store. It is a handy app that keeps a track of the articles, videos, webpages, recipes and even more for which you do not have time to go through right now. It will keep all the content at one place and you can access them anytime, from any device and even without internet connection. The latest update of the app will even read out the articles to you by converting text-to-speech.


21 of the best new and updated iOS apps from July   The Next Web

It is an interesting app developed by Microsoft for iOS. It will simplify your mails and make it more like messaging conversation by extracting your contacts for quick chats. It will display SMS-like conversation for people whose phone numbers you don’t have. Once you type in a message and send it, it will appear as a mail to the other person.



It is a handy app to keep track of your passwords and personal information that you use across different platforms on the web. It will help you to generate strong passwords and even change them with few swipes over the screen. You can also change your passwords with your apple watch if you have one. If you lose your device, no one can access your data as it will be secures by a master master password.



It is another great app that helps you to keep a track of how often and for how much time you and your family use your iphone/ipad. You can set the daily limits for the usage and check much it has been used even from your apple watch. You will see colorful icons for each of your family members. Green means that the usage is under daily limit, yellow means reaching the limits, and red means that the usage went over board.



It will help you to record important moments during meetings, lectures, presentations, etc that you want to use later. It will also help you to mark the important moments. It has a simple interface and allows you to share the recordings with other through Google drive and Dropbox and make other hear the whole recording or just the most important parts.

Scanner Pro 6


It is a much appreciated app by big brands. It will help you to scan the documents just by pointing the camera at the documents. It will help you to scan, print and share the documents via e-mails, Google drive, Dropbox, Evernote, iCloud, OneDrive. It will help you to re-edit the documents and even switch between colored and black and white documents.



It is a popular real time public transport app for urbanites, that comes with a smart-GO feature that figures out out a new route if you go off track. It will help you to share your route with others so that they may know when to expect you.



It is an app that helps you to manage your 3G/4G data usage in an effective way. It collects data from your ios rather than service provider. It also tells you when and where are you consuming your data. It also helps you to set limits so that it can be monitored actively throughout.


boxer app   Google Search

It is one of the fastest growing email app in the app store. It is a fast and innovative email, contacts and calendar app. It has a set of tools with which you can archive the mails, send instant auto responses, add emails to to-do list, like the messages so that one should know that you have seen the mail instead of sending an actual response. It is collaborated with Google, Yahoo, Outlook, Exchange, Hotmail and iCloud.