Nothing is more valuable for an enterprise than it’s resources. These are irreplaceable assets on which you cannot compromise. Agreed? If you have a larger goal and feel that management of these resources is important to prevent leakage of your information, then you need a check software. You can deploy the use of the Enterprise Resource Management Tool (ERM).

Still do not know how it can help you?

If yes, then you must understand that the Enterprise Resource Management Tool allows enterprises to manage the user’s access to a network. It should not inhibit the efficiency of any resource and the goal of the organization should be met. ERM software will help you monitor which user has access to which enterprise system and applications.

You now know that the ERM software will be of great use to you but not sure of which one to buy? Let us see some of the ERM software that can help you solve your purpose.

Top 10 Enterprise Resource Management Tools

1. eResource Scheduler

eresource Scheduler

eResource Scheduler offers a dynamic Enterprise Resource Management Tool to manage all the available resources at hand. Hiring or procuring a resource is a task but managing them is another. The software tool provided by the company is highly configurable and can be installed on the cloud-based platform.

The management tool brings for you a directory option to store information on all resources. You can store for your reference details on skills, qualifications, and certificates, others for consideration in the future. As a user, you have a list of all the projects that run in the organization. The rights to access can be reserved with you and allowed only on a need basis.

The utility of the software is not limited here. It helps to evaluate and measure resource utilization at each level. These reports are accurate and display integrated data about resources at all levels of the organizations. The access is sophisticated and assigned to the users as per their roles.

2. Schedule It

If you look to save your cost in resource planning, then you must buy the best ERM tool from Schedule It. It makes the process fast and easy. The software tool can be used at any location and on any device.

The easy drag and drop option saves a lot of time. The ERM tool prevents double booking. You can check the skills of the resources and then allocate them to the projects. Use the software to generate reports, workflow automation, and different integrations. In simple words, you can schedule work, schedule time,

3. Saviom ERM

Saviom has the most powerful and configurable Enterprise Resource Management tool. You can use this ERM tool to complete more projects with the least resources. Saviom ERM is the most easily configurable, advanced, and expandable tool in the market.

The use of software allows enterprises to plan for the resources using the Gantt Charts. In simple words, you can allocate the competent resources at the right time. The reports have a variety of filters through which you can find the right and available resources for the right projects. Based on the skills, experience, qualification, and cost, you can put the resources to use. The self- serving model helps you to keep information on competency.

4. Workflow Max

For the hassle-free performance and scheduling, Workflow Max brought online resource management software. Enterprises can use the software to deal with everything from one place. It allows the users to monitor the scheduling, quoting, time tracking, invoicing, and reporting.

As a user, you will get the complete job management and you will never miss a deadline with Workflow Max. Not just this, you can track all the reports because the entire software for job management and accounting is updated in real-time. Keep a check on your profitability with an accurate lead management ability.

5. Cloud Coach

As the name suggests, Cloud Coach is a cloud-based resource management tool. It helps you to utilize in the best way your resources for the plan and projects. Cloud Coach ERM tool can generate a skills matrix. You have to control your skills and work type so you can create skills to match your business. Use Cloud Coach to map your project tasks to your skills.

With the reports that are generated on a real-time basis, resource allocation is effortless. You can see the available resources and link multiple skills to the task. The reports are generated with a color-coding that allows the users to get more filtered results. To take your business ahead, you can check for the availability of resources and plan the upcoming capacity for the next month.

6. Task Juggler

Task Juggler is the modern-day ERM tool for efficient project management. The software tool comes with detailed planning and tracking. It is a very reliable software that helps to complete the tasks from the first point to the last. Taskjuggler helps the enterprises in deciding the scope of the project, resource assignment, revenue planning, risk management, and communication management.

Not just this, enterprises can also generate a powerful to-do list and a detailed reference manual with simple installations. This ERM tool for project management runs on Unix, Linux, Windows, macOS, and other operating systems.

7. Triskell Software

Having multiple projects in hand and bothered how will you accomplish all of them on the projected deadlines? Well, do not worry when you can choose to channelize every task with Triskell Software. The software allows you to manage and plan the resources through Top-Down Resource Allocation. Through this, you can plan the demand for generic resources like technicians, engineers, developers, etc.

The software provides easy to use and detailed project planning tools with the Gantt charts. Enterprises can also track the workload across the whole organization.

8. Open Air

With the Open Air ERM tool that is powered by NetSuite, you can see the right resources work through the right projects. The data stored and the reports are generated on a real-time basis. With the evolution of the projects, the enterprise can manage resource utilization and deployment. All the allocations can be made based on the employee’s skills, interests, availability, and experience.

The ERM tool allows you to track skills and their availability with the help of which you can map the business demand and resources.

9. Resource Guru

Resource Guru is another ERM tool that helps the enterprises get the team visibility on one calendar. The interface of the tool is simple to use as it allows you to add, edit, move, and schedule the resources fast with just one click.

The users can turn on the staff time off tracker to plan your projects. It will help you to find out about vacations, holidays, maternity leave, and other types of details when the staff is available or not. This is a helpful tool in planning when you get the projects with deadlines.

Enterprises that use Resource Guru can multiply their profits, maximize productivity, increase team visibility with a simple intuitive app, and attain more project success. Users can also categorize the resource the way you want as a freelancer.

10. is an efficient ERM tool that can help the teams to perform their best. Enterprises can easily plan, schedule, and manage the workload of the team using the software. Monitoring the workload, you can plan to allocate the work. It will help you to maximize productivity and accomplish project completion as fast as possible. helps you get the real-time pictures of your process. It helps to manage last-minute unseen projects. Along with resource monitoring, you can get the project overview also to make informed decisions for the benefit of the company.

Benefits of Enterprise Resource Management Software

Using the Enterprise Resource Management Tool, you can:

  1. Do less work and increase the output from the resources.
  2. Get more value because of the improved scheduling.
  3. Saves time due to reduced paperwork. It also gives you automated generated reports and statistics.
  4. Saves your operations time as the ERM software can be linked to Outlook, Salesforce, Gmail, and Slack.
  5. Reduces the chances of missing a job because every resource allocation and project scheduling is clear.

To compete in the current industry trends, you need the Enterprise Resource Management Tools. It will help you manage the company’s resources and all assets that include general ledger, accounts payable, inventory, and human resources.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is Enterprise Resource Management?

A1: Enterprise Resource Management refers to planning, monitoring, and optimizing the utilization of resources. These resources include employees, equipment, and space. It is necessary to manage these resources to streamline the projects.

Q2: Is Enterprise Resource Management a part of Project Management?

A2: Yes, ERM tools are a part of Project Management as it allows companies to plan, allocate, and track staff members on which project they are working.

Q3: What should you look at when buying an Enterprise Resource Management Tool?

A3: These are the things you must look for when choosing an Enterprise Resource Management software.

  1. Usability: See whether the tool you select is easy to learn or not? Will the company from which you buy the software will offer you after-sales services like training or tech support.
  2. Reporting and Analytics: Check whether the ERM tool you want to use will render you robust reports that makes analysis easy for you.
  3. Integration: Confirm whether the ERM tool you buy for your company can be integrated with inventory maintaining tools, marketing functions, accounting software, and other tools where you want the installation.
  4. Real-Time Updates: Please confirm before you get the installation, whether the ERM Tool will be updated on a real-time basis or not
  5. Cloud ERP or On-Premise: Find out whether the ERM tool will be cloud-based or installed on the premise, that is, delivered as SaaS
  6. Value for Money: Getting the installation of tools is not cheap. So when you are paying a price for the ERM tool, you should know clearly about all the conditions.