Every project involves a series of tasks that must be met by a team, often with limited resources, to achieve the objective planned. It seems obvious, but we end up forgetting how complex it is to deal with each part of this process. That is why respect is given to deadlines; hazards are anticipated and flow of information is created to avoid conflicts, temperaments and different expectations. It is precisely why good project management depends more on a modern work methodology combined with the technology than it depends on dedication and collective intelligence. Online project management tools bring various business advantages for organizations.

Project Management

1. Top Estimates

Having software do the calculations for you can greatly improve the process of estimating the time and resources needed for a particular project. This is extremely important in project management. The tool will be there following you throughout your project, and will help you make the right decision. After all, you do not want your project to finish in 2 weeks after the deadline, right?

2. Greater Control

Having all your documents in a database can give you more access and control over all its documentation relating to the project. This means greater control of information, whether you’re in the office, at home or on the street. This also means time savings in operations between different offices.

3. Monitoring Easier

Imagine that you have a software installed on your computer linked to your teams’ systems. That means finding out who is working on what is only a few clicks away. You can easily track their resources and intervene at a much higher rate than those who still rely only on notes in notebooks.

4. Best Collaboration

Some managers cannot agree with this but project management is not about a project manager to impose his/her iron grip on the team. Team members have to work together and share resources to achieve results. The online project management software facilitates your tasks, and the result is a more satisfied staff, and a more successful project.

5. Measure the Results and Compare Projects

And, when all’s said and done, you have to see what has been achieved, and most importantly, what was not been achieved. Also, if you manage some independent projects and want to see which was better, or simply look back to other finished projects and see if your team is having a better or worse performance, a software solution will be there to help you better.

6. Low Cost

No need to install any software on your computer. Just access the online tool. The license for use is much cheaper compared to programs that need to be downloaded. Also, you can start managing one or two teams with the tool, and then expand as there is a positive return on your investment.

7. Continuous Evolution Tool

The community of professionals who use project management software is becoming more demanding and their expectations must be met by the tool they choose. So developers work hard to create new features that customers need, and study, to make the experience of managers, leaders and employees the richest possible.

8. Single Repository Documents

To be able to access all files and comments already shared across the platform is a major reason because of which a manager resorts to the management of online projects. All intellectual capital is saved on the cloud, preventing forgotten commitments and enabling porting and data search in the company’s history.

9. Transparency and Agility in Managing

Could you tell what task each of your team members is working on now? With project management software, you can easily know this. Depending on the tool, you can also view the delivery date of the task, which project and clients belong, and even the team productivity index. All this transparency allows the manager to make smarter decisions, whether to identify and remedy the below average performance or reward the most productive professionals.

10. Automatic Management Reports

You get to know the real competitive advantage of your company when the measuring results are made by hand? To avoid this suspicion, the management software gathers all the data and automatically generates cost reports and time-sheet. This way, you are able to know the stock of hours of their time and the difference between the actual effort invested in the projects and the estimated effort.

Online tools for project management are helping businesses not only to become more effective in their jobs, but also to reduce the investments and expenses necessary to achieve a higher level of quality. With all this, it is quite difficult to find any reason for an organization in the 21st century did to not adopt a solution with many advantages for its users.