Among 6.8 million people 5.1 million people use mobile devices. According to a research study in the past 5 years, internet users on smart mobile devices have doubled. Mobile app usage popularity grows as well as the number of app downloads increases worldwide. We can see the growth of app downloads each year and this trend will continue to the upcoming years as well.  Based on the research last year there were more than 205 billion apps downloaded which is a 15% increase from last year. Experts predict a 25% increase in app download globally in the year 2022.

Many companies have app development on the to-do list. If you are considering developing a mobile app for your small or medium business you need to know how to execute a successful mobile app. Accounting to reach studies smartphone users spend 90% of their time on mobile apps and 85% of users preferred native mobile apps to mobile websites.  These reaches show mobile apps are compelling for the business. Smart planning is essential to develop a successful app for your business. Let’s see in detail about the things that we need to consider while developing an app.

10 Things to Consider While App Development

1. Choosing the Right Platform

Choosing the right platform

Choosing the best platform for your application is the most important decision when it comes to app development. Identifying the right platform is entirely befuddling. You may have doubts about whether you need to go with a native mobile app or cross-platform. Which users we are going to target iOS or Android users or perhaps are you may focus on both. In common if you are planning to build an app that targets the US audience then iOS is the preferable choice, whereas the app wants to focus on the global users then you can go with Android. Here are the things you have to focus on while choosing the platform for your app development-

  • Target audience
  • User behavior
  • Features
  • The cost of development
  • Devices you want to support
  • Further costs related to programming
  • User expectations

Secondly, you have to do a careful analysis of the advantages and drawbacks of each development platform. For example, identify the pros and cons of native iOS mobile app development, native android development platform, and cross-platform apps. Furthermore, pick the platform that meets your requirements.

2. Conduct Market Research

It is always advisable to do research and development before building an application. With the in-depth market reach, you can obtain valuable insight into the competitors and the current market for your product. It will assist you in understanding different strategies and Errors. From that, you can come up with a better plan for your application development. Ensure you have involved user reviews on your market research. Ask your target audience what they need (as a digital solution for their problems) and evaluate the real demand and make the necessary decision to satisfy the app users.

3. Understand Your Target Users

App success purely depends on customer needs. So it is much important to understand the target audience of your app otherwise your app won’t be successful and it will not solve the user problem or add value. So spending time with your target audience is the only way to understand what the user wants and what they are looking for in your mobile app. Discuss the ideas among the targeted groups. Getting feedback from app users always helps in improving your application. Analyze the user’s demands and identify where you need to focus on to satisfy the end-users of your app.

4. Choose the Right App Development Company

Choose the right app development company

The app idea will be yours but the execution of the app depends on the mobile app development company that you choose. The App development company plays a significant role in developing a user-friendly app. An effective app plays a key role in business success. It is important to opt for a custom mobile app development company that builds secure, scalable, and robust applications. Numbers for criteria you have to consider before making a decision in choosing the right development team.

  • Choose companies based on customer’s feedback and reviews.
  • App Designing Standards
  • Security of the App Idea
  • Effective Delivery Management
  • Trusted QA and Testing Measures

Choosing the right app development companies is a big investment. It is important to invest money in the right direction.

5. Design


App design also plays an important role in the success of the app. The app with a more user-friendly interface (UI) design and user experience (UX) design attracts more users and it automatically reflects the number of downloads of your app. Below are the things to consider when designing an app.

  • The Integral Roles of UI & UX
  • Don’t Try to Reinvent the Wheel
  • Sustainable Designs
  • Don’t Try to Reinvent the Wheel
  • Assumptions and Risks
  • The User is King

When you design an app, content is the primary element that has to be kept in mind. Remove unnecessary elements on the app, make your app simple with unique features. The more complex feature will confuse the users and lead to terrible user experience. This leads to a negative impact on your application.

6. Finalize Your Wireframe and Test Your App Development Prototype

Nail down your wireframe and make any changes that are identified during the backend planning process. Building an interactive prototype is the next step after considering and planning many aspects of the app. This is an important step in building a successful application. Share your application progress with trusted co-workers, friends, investors, and family. Get their feedback to improve your application.

7. Defining the Backend of Your Mobile App

The backend is another important part of a mobile app. Backend is responsible for data storage, security, and much more. App backend is like a server for mobile applications, it stores the important information that the end-user does not see.

The most common and viable choices for a backend server for application include:

  • Cloud servers
  • A custom server
  • MBaaS (Mobile Backend as a Service)

8. Database

A speedy database is much more important if you want to provide users with optimum performance. The following factors have to be considered when choosing a database for your mobile app. 

  1. What’s the structure of the data?
  2. Will you require a flexible data modeling solution?
  3. What client platforms does it support?
  4. How much data security will you need?
  5. How will it resolve data conflicts? And much more

9. Plan for Multiple Releases for Development of App

The initial release of the application is just the beginning. Many statistics reports say that many app users re-engage with the application when there is a new feature release. So plan the key functionality for the initial and future releases. Don’t release app updates more often because they will give a negative impact. Take 2-3 months between major update releases of the application. This makes user engagement for a longer time.

10. Plan to Analyze

The final step in the app development process is determining how to measure success. Measure your application with KPI’s by executing analytics in your mobile application.

If you aren’t aware of what you should consider measuring. The following factors will be a good start to analyze:

  • Transaction volume and revenue
  • User onboarding
  • User retention
  • Operational costs
  • Brand recognition & loyalty
  • Infrastructure abilities for supporting a high volume of traffic

Final Thoughts

There are numerous components to consider while building up an application. If your app is considered by all factors on the developing stage then you will have the chance of succeeding. Otherwise, this leads to a terrible user experience. The achievement of the application development relies on the number of user downloads on the app store. So put time to test on your new app idea and refine the feature and ensure your app is user friendly and attractive. Follow the above important elements while your application development. It will lead you on the way to building a fruitful versatile mobile application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What to consider when developing apps?

A1: As a developer while developing the dream application. You need to remember the below steps while building an application.

  1. Concept Proof
  2. Knowing your target audience
  3. Design
  4. Security
  5. Payment gateways
  6. Database
  7. Security
  8. Future proof

When you undergo these preparation steps, you will be prepared to dive into your application development without interruptions and lead it to effective deployment and app launch

Q2: Do you know the 5 things that make a good app?

A2: Mobile applications are more popular than ever. The number of smart mobile users increases worldwide and the demands for the app also increasing every day. Let’s get started what are the major 5 things of mobile app development.

  1. Do Research
  2. Choosing the right platforms for your mobile app
  3. Time and Resources
  4. Maintenance, Privacy, and Security
  5. Business model and Monetization

Remembering those 5 vital steps, you are prepared to build up your own application. The above steps encourage you to make your thought into a functional application

Always identify the difference in how the individual uses the mobile website and mobile apps because the success of the mobile app success purely depends on the user experience of the app.

Q3: What are the 5 major steps involved in Mobile App Development?

A3: Needs to build a versatile application for your business yet have no clue about where to begin? Don’t worry. We are present to you with a list of 5 fundamental steps you have to experience while building your ideal mobile application!

  1. Research
  2. Prototype
  3. Design and develop
  4. Testing
  5. Deployment

If you follow these steps as significant components during your application development process it will definitely make you a way to building a fruitful mobile application.