With the advancement in technology, companies have started utilizing electronic media for product and service promotion. The reason for this increasing trend in digital marketing is because more and more people are becoming internet users.

You will find your potential clients somewhere on social media more than you find them on the road. Therefore, the significance of digital marketing for both the consumer and the businessman is immense since it is directly related to brand awareness and firm sales.

Digital marketing nowadays refers to online marketing through emails, social media content marketing, search engine optimization, and blogging. However, offline channels such as television, radio, and SMS are also digital marketing tools.

The cloud-based software provides a complete view of customer-related information for which you can optimize your business marketing strategies. These platforms provide a unified place where all the marketing resources can be effectively managed.

The list of benefits that cloud-based software offers for business marketing is so long that sooner, it seems, it will take over digital marketing.

Let’s figure out some of the reasons why this can happen anytime soon.

1. Customer related information can be easily accessed

Customer Related Information

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Software and application developers are continuously exploring ways to facilitate businesses in their operations. For example, previously, it was very difficult to compile and maintain data related to the customers. Nowadays everything is just a click away using CRM software. It becomes even more convenient when these applications are connected to the cloud and now you can access your client’s data anywhere from around the world.

You can imagine the extent of help that cloud-based software provided to virtual businesses especially when it comes to virtual call centers and content marketing. Your employees may be sitting in different parts of the world but they can access customer-related information and perform their jobs accordingly. The only thing that is needed is that they are connected to the internet.

Another benefit of using cloud-based software for digital marketing is that you have no fear of losing the data as a result of a system crash or any other disastrous circumstance.

2. Cloud computing software is cost-effective

Maybe cloud computing is not a choice for big businesses from the perspective of cost-effectiveness, but for medium and small size businesses, it becomes essential because it can help them in achieving reasonable cost reductions.

After all, less in-premises resources are needed in this case. You can also get connected to your international clients at minimum cost using cloud-based call center software just as you get it through Voice Over Internet Protocol or VoIP.

Another way that cloud-based software proves to be helpful is that the conventional marketing expenses such as research and surveys are reduced or eliminated because you can get automatic and easy data and report compilation available for you.

3. Easy to deploy technology

One of the top reasons why digital marketing will be advantageous is the ease in the deployment of cloud-based software. You do not have to install any heavy infrastructure that needs heavy capital or time. Within a few minutes, even digital marketing companies can easily get useful tools that can enhance their efficiency.

At the same time, you don’t have to worry about updates. A cloud-based software regularly provides you updates and you are always well informed that you are working at the best level. You can also get the benefit of Artificial Intelligence (AI) while using cloud-based software and that can benefit you in managing your data.

4. Helpful in inbound marketing

Inbound Marketing

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If you are a marketing person, you know that inbound marketing can attract customers by creating valuable content that meets their needs. Whereas, traditionally, marketing involves advertising and making cold calls.

With the use of cloud-based software, inbound marketing has become easier and effective, and that is why it has become considerably important for businesses. You can observe this from the fact that video tutorials, blogging, social media marketing have become possible because you can easily use cloud-based services such as Facebook, HubSpot, and Facebook.

5. Helps in managing the sales cycle

What is the sales cycle? As the name suggests it is the process that businesses have to undergo while they sell a product or service to the end-user. This includes everything from scratch, from the conception of product ideas to the sales.

Now you must be thinking about how important this is for businesses. Keeping track of your product/ service sales cycle can help you give reasonable insight regarding the efficiency of your sales department. If as compared to the competitors, your business is taking long, this means your output is below efficiency.

The length of this process can be tracked, analyzed, and compared across the industry using cloud-based software. It makes managing various stages of the cycles quite easy.

In businesses that were not using cloud-based software, this information was kept and tracked using Excel sheets, which was quite hectic as well as time-consuming. Now with the use of cloud-based tools, such as Zoho and Salesforce you can easily handle this complex process.

6. Provide better analytical tools

You will always find digital marketing professionals discussing market analysis, reports, and figures. This is because these reports determine whether they have been successful in their efforts or they need to rework the things. They want to figure out how their promotional material has affected their sales, website, or blog traffic.

Cloud-based software will help marketers by providing access to some analytical tools that help define their marketing strategies. For example, the above marketing software that is on the cloud provides real-time data on customers, the best marketing channels, and is able to track leads. Furthermore, this software proves to help determine what has influenced the target market more.

7. Better collaboration

Marketing was once a very hard task. Even discussing ideas, checking out the feasibility, and exploring the alternative used to be an event or a face to face meeting that had to be planned and managed.

But now, with the advent of cloud-based applications, diverse groups of people and professionals can virtually sit and share ideas and information using shared storage. Marketers can move around and access the data from anywhere on your internet-enabled devices, leading to increased efficiency and better output.

This improvement in team collaboration finally leads to better customer service and product development.

8. It makes targeting customers easy

Customer Targeting

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Marketing teams are always worried about identifying and targeting the right customers. This happens in traditional methods as well in digital marketing. The availability of cloud-based platforms provides various measurability tests that help in easily targeting customers. Using those results, businesses can easily work on developing personalized customer experiences.

9. It provides automatic software updates

Another benefit that cloud-based software can provide in terms of digital marketing e.g ad production service, is that you do not have to download new updates. You also need not to worry if your software has become obsolete. With cloud-based tools, such as advertising, you just have to log in and all the updates will automatically be looked after.

10. Assist in Introducing Innovation

Innovation is the key to survival when we consider the competition that exists in the market. Certainly, when you are spending less time managing your resources related to customers and calculating the success of your marketing strategies, you will be left with a good time to polish and present innovative business ideas. Maybe you come up with a better idea on service extension in a new area because your cloud-based marketing software statistics indicate the potential that exists out there.

The indirect benefits of cloud-based marketing software include but are not limited to a revision of the business process to better integrate with cloud-based software, speed in capturing the potential markets by providing information about customer preference.

11. Develop more engaging content

Cloud-based marketing is changing the way how companies used to interact with potential customers and respond to their existing client base. Marketers are increasingly reaching consumers via digital channels.

Marketing content is the key for inbound marketing because it has the power to engage the visitors and inspire them to make a decision, cloud-based applications provide important information related to the content that power automatically pulls the potential buyer.

Also, with access to cloud-based tools, marketers are now in a better position to publish and promote need-based marketing content. These cloud-based applications are also helpful in creating and managing content and engagement tools that can be deployed across different channels.

12. Helpful from a security perspective

For every organization, big or small, data security is a key concern. Losing data by sabotaging hardware devices, viruses or errors is not uncommon. Cloud-based software has made data storage easy for businesses. Even if the device gets damaged, you get easy data recovery because you have linked it to cloud-based services.

13. Cloud-based software is scalable

The best thing about cloud-based software for digital marketing is its scalability. In cloud-based marketing, the service provider can help you accommodate according to your needs. You can get customized space in case you are a small business and a big business can also expand the facility according to its needs.

14. It helps improve your productivity

Improve Productivity

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The key preference for everything is to maximize productivity. How is it improved? Certainly when fewer resources are used and maximum results are produced. You are using less time in producing quality output.

In the case of digital marketing ranging from web analytics, online advertising, social media, or video email marketing, there are several factors digital marketers have to look after.

They may think of investing in establishing a connection with various influencers so that you can maximize your outreach to your clients. Once this is done, it is exhibited in your productivity. Cloud-based software can help in this area also. You will be able to see and improve the productivity of the techniques you are using in your digital marketing.

15. Real-time feedback

Businesses can grow based on customer feedback because it helps them know their strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. Based on your client feedback, you can decide where to improve, what else to launch, and how to satisfy customers through added services.

Cloud computing enables digital marketers in terms of offering a sound and safe environment where customers can provide you real-time feedback on the quality of services without spending many resources.


It is concluded that cloud-based software may offer tremendous benefits to businesses from various aspects. Using this technology, businesses are in a better position to operate more effectively while enhancing their productivity.

Cloud computing or cloud-based software can improve various functions of the organization, in particular digital marketing. The above reasons can give you an idea about the reasons cloud-based software will help businesses in digital marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: What are cloud-based apps used for?

A1: Cloud-based technology is primarily used for IT management, personal and business application, storage, and collaboration applications.

Q2: How much time do businesses usually take in moving towards basic cloud migration?

A2: For basic business functions such as email, document management, and communications or collaboration, it can take to 1-2 months.

Q3: How do you guarantee security in going cloud-based?

A3: All the cloud service providers guarantee safety but it is important that customers while entering into an agreement with the vendor demand all the necessary details about data security practices such as the data encryption provision from both ends.