Apple has come up with its smart-watch, with several amazing features, to make your life more convenient. The technology-enabled watch can display your iPhone notifications, so that you can never miss any alert. You can use some of its features more quickly than what you can use on your smart-phone. This is the reason why the Apple Watch can be considered a useful gadget for the modern business and is expected to launch sometime in 2015.


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It has several adorable features that you can use for your business. Here are five main business features of the Apple Watch:

Receiving Alerts & Notifications: Every time, you receive a new alert, the watch on your wrist makes a buzz. So, you never miss an alert even if you are away from your phone. It can pull in alerts from your iPhone and can display for you to take an action. The alerts may include a text message, emails, a calendar notification and other types of reminders. This feature can highly benefit business users who can now get alerts on their watch while attending a meeting. However, one needs to sync the Apple Watch with his/her iPhone to receive notifications.

The Style Factor: The Apple Watch is not just a gadget, but it can help you to make a personal style statement. Available in a wide range of sleek designs, you can choose one that can suit your personal style. With a square face and smooth edges, it can help add power to your personality. Moreover, you can choose from different bands, such as plastic, leather and metallic bands. The watch is also available in two different sizes and people with a small wrist can pick a smaller size. A cylindrical crown at its side helps perform all navigation and scrolling tasks in a more prolific manner, while you are in a meeting or a conference.

A Mobile Wallet: The watch can allow you to make payments via Apple Pay. It serves the purpose of a mobile wallet, and you need not to carry cash or credit cards for making payments. It contains a near-field communication (NFC) chip that PoS devices can easily detect for payment purposes. Users need to connect their Apple Watch with their Bank Account and can make payments by scanning the watch. Users can use the watch, which is paired with an iPhone, for making payments. Apple has forged partnerships with American Express, MasterCard and Visa for making the payment system smooth for the users of Apple Watch.

Use of Voice Commands: You can use your Apple Watch to take voice commands in a hands-free manner and perform a variety of actions. For example, you can receive driving directions while heading for a new destination in your car. This way, you can remain safe while driving, as your hands are not engaged on your phone or a device. At the same time, you can also issue voice commands, using your watch and there is no need to hold your phone in your hand for doing this.

Third-party Applications: We need apps for various purposes. There are numerous in-store apps that you can easily launch on your watch and enjoy the various features and functionalities. Besides, it allows you to install several types of third-party apps as well that you are accustomed to use for different business or other benefits. For example, you can use the Twitter app on the watch, and can manage your presence on Twitter. You can also use several types of apps for booking airline tickets to book hotels for your next business trip.