Finally, Blackberry comes with its latest smartphone, The Passport. The timing of launch incidentally coincides with the launch of Apple’s iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. This is the reason why the comparison of Blackberry’s and Apple’s latest device seems to be more relevant for smartphone enthusiasts. However, Blackberry Passport somehow has diverse specs and features that make it quite different from Apple devices.


Blackberry focuses more on business users with its secure enterprise software, whereas iPhone devices are aimed at enhancing the experience of individual users. So, Blackberry Passport can appeal to a more specific user base, instead of drawing the attention of the whole lot of smartphone users. Available at an off-contract price of $599, The Passport could prove a fantastic business phone.

The latest Blackberry device features a block-shaped design with a square face. The design will enable users to access and read documents with more convenience. The display can show 60 characters with greater readability. Thus, the square face design makes sense and is more appropriate for users who love to access files and docs on their smartphone.

The Passport will easily fit in one’s pocket, even if one wears a pair of tight jeans. And more importantly, it has a block-shaped robust design that protects it from bending. So, there are no unfortunate bending instances like the new iPhone 6 plus.

The Blackberry device comes loaded with Android 4.4 apps, which will give you an incredible experience. It also comes preloaded with the Amazon App Store. Besides, you can find a host of fantastic apps that are often available on the Amazon Kindle or Fire Phones.

Blackberry has also included several amazing features that make the device more adorable. From text messaging to BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), The Passport allows you to remain connected with your family, friends or co-workers. You can access your contacts, calendars and all media all the time. Importantly, you need not to use any cloud storage, and the device could serve the purpose of a server, available in your hands. Thus, The Passport could be a secure hardware device for you with a lot of functional software to carry out your tasks more easily.

In the true sense, Blackberry is aiming to target the user base that is workaholic and believes more in doing the things than showing it off. The smartphone maker is confident that the phone will appeal to the people who love to carry out their tasks while travelling. But, Blackberry is also trying to compete in the market that is full with large-screen smartphones. While people are choosing smartphones to enjoy an improved multimedia experience, The Passport, with a square screen, will allow a better text reading experience to the users.

Apple sold about 10 million phones last week. Will Blackberry achieve the same level of success with its Passport? Well, we will have to wait for a few weeks at least, before we jump to any conclusion about the success of this new Blackberry device. But yes, it is packed with the features that professional and business users will always appreciate. Let’s see, how it appeals to them and how many Blackberry Passport devices will be sold in the next couple of months.