There is no dearth of news apps in today’s world. There are hundreds of such apps for the Android and iOS platforms which offer you news updates from around the world. In this competitive marketplace Circa News and Yahoo News Digest have emerged as top news apps. Both these apps have seen close to a million downloads and continue to top the charts among news apps in both these mobile OS platforms. Constantly updated they offer trend setting UX and are easy to play around. It is worth comparing these apps and here we shall take a closer look at the features and functionality of these apps.

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Circa News
The Circa News 3.0 for Android and iOS comes with a feature known as ‘Wire’. This area within the home screen offers you two important things – it provides the top news stories summarized in one paragraph and also updates on stories that you may opt to follow. Updated throughout the day it keeps you informed about the latest happenings around the world. Each news item is about four paragraphs long and gives you a detailed insight into the story. You can also opt for the ‘Dynamic Daily Briefing’ of breaking stories. The stories include pull quotes, links to other related stories as well as relevant graphics.

There is another interesting feature in the app where the stories that you have read are grayed out in the news section. Thus with a quick glance you can easily know the stories that you have already read. Also you can keep up with a story that you liked. Here the app keeps you updated with the breaking news in real time.

Yahoo News Digest
It features a nice widget ‘Today’ which has been launched on iOS8 and with the Android update expected to follow soon. This feature allows you browse through the top news stories of the day. The topics cover world, technology, science, sports, entertainment, business, and national. Most of their content is sourced from reputed agencies such as Reuters, BBC and Associated Press. The news stories are interlaced with rich media like Google Maps and video streams.

Yahoo News digest differs in the way news is updated. It follows the traditional cycle of morning and afternoon newspapers and updates 10 stories each twice a day. The stories are maximum two paragraphs long. They also include pull quotes, videos, photos Wikipedia entries, and Twitter feeds. This serves users who want to read the top happenings and also those who like to dig deep into different stories.

Final Verdict
There are a number of news apps and aggregator apps but Circa News and Yahoo News Digest remain popular with the users thanks to their features. If you want to get a quick glimpse through the day’s top stories Yahoo News Digest is the perfect cut for you. Circa News on the other hand offers you detailed analysis of happenings in the beat of your choice. If you have a few minutes to spare Circa News lets you dig deep into the story.