The Google Voice service has been very useful to its many US based users because it gives them the ability to connect and communicate with their contacts either through SMS or call for free. Unfortunately, the application is only limited within the US regions and non-US based users cannot use the application. While there are numerous benefits in using the Google Voice application, the downside of it lies from the need of keeping the Google Voice webpage open to be able to receive incoming calls or messages. This becomes an inconvenient feature for its users but the good news is that there are desktop applications that can be downloaded to your Windows or Mac computers that could provide a solution to this inconvenient feature of using the Google Voice.


This desktop application works for your Mac computer to be able to use Google Voice. Using the application you can send multiple messages through SMS, place a call and receive your voicemail. The app also allows you to view your call history and use a reverse lookup for a phone number. The application comes with an easy to use interface where you can conveniently access your contact list. You will be notified with a sound alert whenever you receive a message or a voicemail. The sounds are also customizable and so are the application themes. VoiceMac supports your address book and Google Voice contacts.

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This application allows you to instantly retrieve messages and listen to your voicemail as a Google Voice notifier that sits directly on your task bar system tray. The app is specifically designed for Windows computer like the Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP. With the application sitting right on your desktop you can easily place a call and send messages. It has a voicemail transcription feature with an audio playback. Connect with your contacts immediately through your Windows computer using this app.


This app works with Google Voice and allows its users to receive notifications from instant messages coming from Google Talk and emails, Twitter, HttpPost, Prowl and Howl notifications and SMS directly from their desktop. This free application has a significant speed in notifying you of any incoming messages in seconds. You can integrate to the app your Google Voice contacts and send them instant messages right away directly from the application itself. You can either send to a single contact or by groups.

Google Voice desktop app

You can enjoy using the Google Voice directly on your desktop instead from your browser with this free application. This application is in fact a Google extension tool that will eliminate the hassles of keeping the Google Voice webpage open all the time just to receive messages. This application appears as a toolbar button where you can view the number of unread messages from your Google Voice account. Send a message and place a call directly from the app by simply typing the number or the contact name from your Google Voice contacts. The app also makes a number callable by clicking on it.


GVoice is a desktop application that allows you to access your Google Voice without the need of using its web page and keeping it open all the time in order not to miss any message or call. The application works in Windows computer but it is necessary to download the Adobe AIR to make the application work on your desktop.

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