A refurbished Firefox 25 awaits you! Coming October, Mozilla is going to release a completely refurbished Firefox. As always, the company has shared its plan for browser’s overhaul openly.

This is despite the fact that Firefox 22 is in beta phase, Firefox 23 is in aurora channel and Firefox version 24 is in nightly channel. The company has however assigned a new nightly UX for Firefox 25 as reported by thenextweb.com

The biggest transformation comes down to the completely redesigned Firefox tab and menu. In the shared images, you can notice that menu has been moved from the left to the right and it can be seemingly accessed using a button that appears almost similar to Google Chrome’s hot dog icon.

Listed below are the main changes one will perceive in the revamped Firefox 25:

  • Separate Bookmark Star from location Bar and merge with Bookmarks Menu item.
  • Windows XP: Custom window frame style for all default themes.
  • Updated Panel Based Application Menu and Customization Mode.
  • Windows (All): Draw entire window frame including Caption Buttons.
  • Remove tab affordance from background tabs.
  • Curved tabs.

Other changes which Mozilla has scheduled includes updating in-content user-interface refining all characteristics of an existing UI and lastly a amalgamated UI for stable border-radii , color palette, measurements, positioning, icons and margins.


The company last week discussed about the theme “Australias” on its Add-on blog – a foremost browser’s theme overhaul with an aim to streamline the UI of the browser.

Mozilla has formerly notified Firefox add-on developers by uttering: “Overall, you should plan for a minimalistic toolbar UI. While most add-ons do this already, it’s possible that the API to add toolbar buttons will be very different, and there will be changes to be made for all of them.”

While Mozilla just launched Firefox 21 last month, the company has shared its plan for the forthcoming versions (upto Firefox 31) till March 2014. This news regarding Firefox 25 overhauling should not be too unanticipated; however the company did mention why it is waiting so long before carrying out those changes. Firefox 24 is in ESR (Extended Support Release) phase, so all the major changes have been postponed in order to lessen any possible effect. So, let us wait and watch how the overhauled Firefox 25 will look alike in actuality.