The search engine giant has introduced its new Google Maps Engine API for developers which will permit them to display location-based data via a mobile app or a web app using Google Maps or Google Earth Interface.

With search API, developers will get a chance to access Google’s cloud infrastructure and can layer their data on top of the Google Maps experience. Organizations can share this data with their clients,employees or public via web or mobile application which will make this data distribution much more simpler , which can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

The API will provide direct access to Google Maps Engine for reading and editing spatial data hosted in the cloud,” Jen Kovnats, Product Manager, Google Maps for Business said.

“With the API, organizations can develop on any platform – Web, Android, iOS and server-to-server – and build applications like store locators, crowdsourced maps or crisis-response maps.”

In September 2011, Google Maps Engine was introduced as Google Earth Builder which enabled users to take backup, manage and share the geospatial data with the help of Google cloud infrastructure.

Google Maps Engine Product Manager Dylan Lorimer, said this didn’t reflect “the true capabilities of the product” or the vision the company had for making geospatial data available to the wider public. It was therefore re-branded as the Google Maps Engine, alongside a dedicated grant program to help nonprofits take advantage of the technology.”


Google Maps is one of the search engine giant’s strongest innovation till date. Google unleashed the refurbished desktop’s version at I/O developer conference in May 2013, including some User-Interface enhancements and combined imagery from both Google Earth and Google Maps. The company is currently working on its new native app for Android and iOS platform .

In the consequent weeks, the company has included a new feature of Street View imagery for several locations, including numerous neighborhoods affected by Sandy Hurricane, the 9/11 Memorial and Central park, biking directions for 6 new European nations as well.