Today several resources have developed to promote your product in the market. Now, when you have developed your own iOS app and have also submitted it to the App Store, you need to properly market your app so as to attract users to your app and thereby, make it popular among the iOS audiences. For this, you need to promote your app in several numbers of ways which will not only increase the visibility of your app but also, it will increase the number of users to your app. Here we have discussed the various ways for promoting your app in this era of 2017.

Online Presence
Before launching your app, you need to establish yourself online as an individual or a business entity where you need to promote your app. Your presence will establish that factor of trust in your audience for your app. Moreover, you can deal with your users on a one-on-one basis and you can also know the reviews of your app which will guide you to improve the features of your app. If you have a visible following on social media or blog, then this audience will immediately follow your app once you roll it out. If your credibility or relationships are good with these people, then you may expect a number of users downloading your app.

Get Your App a Website Or a Landing Page
Many times, users do not visit an App store in search of an app. They directly go the Google for searching a particular app and this where most of the developers make the mistake of posting just a few sentences about their new app or a game. But, this is not enough for your app. You must have either a website or a landing page for your app which will describe your app in detail and will make it easier for your users to get a clear review about your app. So, your app should basically have a dedicated website or a landing page which describes it in detail so that the users get a clear picture about your new app.

Create a Video Of The App
A simple and a witty, thought-provoking video can do much more to promote your app. It will create interest in users towards your app. This will help much more in promoting your app than just a complex marketing campaign. You can launch this video on your website or the landing page which will catch users’ sight to it.

Include Search Engine Marketing Too
However you promote your app through different sources, it always makes a difference when it comes to search engine marketing. When you are holding a website or a landing page of your app, it is very important to get searched on the search engines and get noticed. For this, it is important that you can use Google AdWords and can also create your own keywords relevant to your app which will help you rank in the search engines thereby increasing your popularity and users.

Make It Useful
However you market your app in the best possible ways, if it is not something that people need, they are not going to download your app. So, it is very important that before developing your app, you should have the utility factor in your mind. An app that is useful, will only stay for a longer period in the market. Moreover, there are a number of similar apps which will be competing with your app. So, your app should be essentially uniquely useful to the people so that they cannot resist downloading your app.

Use QR Codes
QR codes are considered to be the best way to promote your app in the smartphone era wherein, mobile websites are essentially accessible to the smartphone users. Also, QR codes are said to be the best for marketing your app and you can include them to your website, business card, brochures, mailings, receipts, or storefront window which will deeply impact the promotion of your app.


Include Mobile Advertising
If you are going for PPC marketing, then make sure to put your ad into mobile devices. This will promote your app in every mobile device and so it will be more visible to the smartphone users. Moreover, Google offers mobile ads wherein you can advertise your app on the mobile devices of the users while they are searching for apps on their mobile devices.

Social Advertising
With social advertising of your app, you can target people specifically by demographics and interests. So, if you are sure about your most likely users of your app, then you can make sure they are the only ones to see and click on your ads. You can be specific with Facebook ads.


Guest Blogging
This is the best way of targeting a particular audience and dragging it to your app. Also, this is one of the easiest ways of marketing your app and building an audience for the same. You can post on the blogs that are relevant to your app and thus target the audience who are interested in reading such blogs and this way, you will also be promoting your app and will be attracting users to the same. Your target should be such audience who are likely to download your app. As the guest posts should not be promotional, your post should be in such a way that at the end of the post, the users are likely to check out your mobile app.

Tying Up With Mobile App Marketing Agencies
There are lots of mobile app marketing agencies who do all the marketing stuff on your behalf. The benefit of these agencies is that you just have to pay them and then rest assured about the promotion of your app. It is their responsibility to get users to your app and you just have to relax.

This is yet another pricey and effective way of marketing and promoting your app. You can promote your app through a celebrity. This will promote your app to the highest possible level and will be clearly visible worldwide to all the smartphone users. Also, a huge amount of users is likely to download your app which will, in turn, give success to your app.

With a number of resources for marketing your iOS app, it has become easier to promote your app as well get increasing amount of users to your app.