A Microsoft-owned Xamarin is the most powerful software that is mainly used to develop feature-rich applications. Using this high-end platform, you can write codes for multiple platforms, and the software is backed by approximately 1 million developers worldwide. Xamarin seems clear winner from the developers and business owners’ perspectives.

Still, mobile app development community covered those developers, who want to develop only native applications for every platform for real feel. Some of the developers think of this way as quite expensive because they do not want to spend double money for various versions of the same mobile application.

In addition to this, Xamarin being one of the most useful hybrid apps development platform, also provides deeper integration with Visual Studio and produces completely compliant.NET Portable Class Libraries. Undoubtedly, Xamarin is one such product on which pay attention is worth. Mobile app developers can use Xamarin for developing mobile applications, including enormous features and functionalities.

5 Compelling Reasons to Use Xamarin For Your Next Mobile App Development

1.Lesser Bugs

One of the main reasons to adopt Xamarin for your mobile application is fewer bugs. As we all know that it delivers faster time-to-market: we write less code using this platform. So, it is obvious that the less code we write the fewer errors we are likely to commit.

This platform also decreases errors by delivering the opportunity for greater test coverage. Any provided project has a limited amount of time obtainable for testing. Instead of spending that time writing two sets of mainly duplicate tests, you can write a single complete set of tests, which validate the code for both the platforms.

Ultimately, there is the issue of skills concentration. When it comes to working in the native development environments, it requires that one of two things happen. With this platform, the entire team can give an attention on working with.NET/C#. It enables every single team member’s skills to develop more completely and enables the team to better support and check one another.

2.One-time Code Writing

For developing a high-end mobile application based on Xamarin, developers should learn C#, whereas to develop an app for iOS and Android platform, developers need to constantly develop and update their skills, considering latest trends.

Moreover, they need to deal with the comprehensive different environments of programming as Objective-C and Swift are mainly utilized for iOS and Java is used for Android. Therefore, to write Xamarin-based apps, developers need to avoid extra time to learn this feature.

In terms of technical, it is not easy for developers to learn Objective-C together with Java as their main classes like libraries and collections are completely different. To bring the solution of one issue, developers must learn two different approaches and it costs more. But to develop Xamarin app, they only need to learn C# and be proven efficient on every platform.


3.All-one-One API Integration Capability

These days, native mobile platforms are continually growing with each update and upgrades are frequent. Let’s take one example, device and OS updates are annual and regular marvels in iOS whereas Android comes with a comprehensive range of device manufacturers and impulsive OS updates.

In the cross-platform framework, getting support for newly released features on devices and operating systems are highly important, but Xamarin is one such platform that has the capability to perform it.

In terms of technically, Xamarin has the capability of binding APIs and UI controls using Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.Mac that is with the same capacities of native platforms.

Its Portable Class Libraries (PCL), and suitable application architecture allows Xamarin to share code across all mobile platforms. Therefore, you can get links for the latest support packages for iOS and Android releases with unique binding technology.

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4.No Limits
Another reason to use Xamarin for mobile app development is that it doesn’t try to force harmony, where none exists. As both iOS and Android have UI and SDK features, which are different to each platform’s appearance and behavior.

These are some of the features that are central to an iOS application like Android and iOS apps feeling like Android. However, some of the cross-platform app development tools are trying to hide platform uniqueness that results in apps feeling foreign to the platform on which they are running. Whereas Xamarin does the opposite of it. It holds exclusive features of each platform.

Along with standard. NET classes, the platform comprises iOS-specific.NET classes and Android-specific.NET classes. Both come with their own features. By merging.NET classes with both of these classes, it is easily possible to share core logic across both iOS and Android whereas taking benefit of each platform’s unique feature.

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5.Minimizing the Market Time

In order to develop the app separately for iOS and Android so that you can native apps, it is important for developers to do everything twice like they need to implement their app’s logic for iOS and Android separately, fix the bugs twice and do the gathering two times.

With Xamarin mobile app development, both cost and time can be saved easily as developers do not need to repeat the procedure again for different platforms. As the Xamarin team is capable of delivering the solution for both Android and iOS faster and minimum the market time.

So, these are the five genuine reasons to use Xamarin for your mobile application development project. You can save your huge time, efforts and money using this feature-rich platform. Hire a leading xamarin app development company for your business to save 60% on the development cost with 100% money back guarantee.