Smartphones these days have become an unavoidable part of our daily lives and even sometimes using them is quite irresistible too. Today, we cannot imagine living a day without using smartphone until and unless we just don’t shot some selfies, scroll the newsfeed and react to the stories literally life feels so incomplete. Among lots of amazing and portable features and characteristic of a smartphone, the camera is one of those features for which most people are mad about and even ready to pay as higher as they can.

Earlier, for doing photography people have to buy giant cameras and proper photography equipment which worked on reels and films but since the technology has evolved and revolutionized the whole generation. The camera is easily accessible for all; the camera was introduced in mobile phones to make it easy for everyone to capture the happenings instantly. The smartphone technology which is now in the hands of every other person in this era, the photography is easy and faster too. The high-tech cameras are loved by people and raised by everyone. Even, many purchase decision of the consumers are based on the performance of the camera and vendors like Samsung, Apple and others are continuously investing huge amounts in developing even better cameras for better results. It is a fact that many people also don’t like the native camera apps that are available on android because of its limited feature and slow speed. For these reasons, users started migrating towards third app smartphone photography app.

Here in this article, we are going to suggest you 10 different and the best apps for smartphone photography you haven’t heard about or haven’t tried them.

So why wait, let’s just dive into the details of the apps and see who the best is?

1.Camera MX
2.BestMe Selfie Camera
4.Google Camera
5.Camera Zoom FX
6.Candy Camera
7.Cardboard Camera
10.Go Camera

Now we have a list of camera apps to discuss, let’s have a swim into the details of these smartphone photography apps.

Smartphone camera street photography review
1.Camera MX
It is a free camera app that comes with many amazing features along with special effects and editing tool. The best part and feature of this app is the real-time apply effects and filters by which you can view images in different feels and modes before snapping it. The powerful editing tool will allow to use and adjust contrast, brightness, hue and many other professionals and advanced options within the app. It is a beginner app which is obviously not for pros, but it is more than good enough if you are willing to take a good shot.

Picture12.BestMe Selfie Camera
Are you really mystic about a selfie? Do you want to look good in your selfie? This app is surely the best choice for taking amazing and breathtaking selfies. The app offers 125 real-time filters, emoji, and stickers for making your capture an unforgettable. This app also comes with the support of a selfie stick and much more; this app is the best choose if you often post your photos on social media because this app will let you take awesome pictures of yours and share them on your social profiles.

This app is self-known for its collection of funny stickers and the amazing filters it has. Apart from the stickers and filters it also offers you a variety of shot modes, tools, and settings for adding up a spice to your shot. This app has an ability to make your snaps extraordinary from just being ordinary. Be informed that due to a huge variety of stickers this is not a lightweight app.

Picture14.Google Camera
One of the most used free android app developed by the skilled team of developers from google. Even many of the smartphone makers keep this app by default on the phone. Earlier this app wasn’t popular for everyone, but dramatically the team makes some improvements in it which make it quite stable and worthy to install on your device. It is a free app with simple user interface that allows you to use the features easily.

Picture15.Camera Zoom FX
This app has been around for long, and it was introduced in the emerging era of android. Like google camera this app was also not accepted at its earlier stage but as the time passes on and after a few updates this app makes its place among the smartphone users. It has many exclusive features like HDR, panorama, live effects and a variety of effects you can apply after capturing the moments.

Picture16.Candy Camera
One of the most popular apps on play store that has crossed over 100 million of installs in a very short span of time. This app contains some unique and astonishing filters that aren’t being offered in any other free android smartphone photography apps. This app is free to download!

Picture17.Cardboard Camera
This might be the only free smartphone photography app that is available on Google’s play store for the 360- degree periscope. It was introduced to be used with Google Cardboard and allows you to take pictures at 360-degree which can be viewed the mode of virtual reality. This app is completely free to use, and while VR photography on android devices is at crucial turns at the moment, this is really a nice and a decent app to get your hands on with.

A simple easy to use camera app for android that is available for free for smartphone photography. This android application is famous for the collection of the filters you can use in real time i.e. while taking the snap. The app features more than 100 jaw-dropping filters grouped together in different categories so that it is easy for you to select the best one for yourself. You can even customize the intensity of the filters, accordingly. mostly filters are free in the app, but there are some premier filters that you have to purchase.

Cymera smartphone photography app has crossed over 200 million downloads which itself a milestone and tells everything about the success of it. The app is easy to use with the decent and simple interface but has tons of filters and stickers. It doesn’t have manual camera controls which are quite shocking, but rest of the features work well.Picture1

10. Go Camera
Go has thrown many apps like launcher, keyboards and etc. but just like most of their apps are loaded with advanced features their camera app is shockingly quite simple and limited in terms of features. It comes with real-time filters, HDR mode and a lens blur mode that is all it is been offering. But anyhow it is still loved by the people, and those who love to take simple snaps and selfies with basic tools and filters prefer this app to use because it is simple, easy to use and works pretty well.Picture1Wrap!
So, you now know ten different smartphone photography apps. You can use these apps to shot amazing photos and images and look cool among your friends. If you liked the list of these android apps, please don’t forget to appreciate us and share the word!