In the current scenario of the devoted qualified world, an expert invoicing and billing system has turned essential for business. Nowadays many professionals are involved with purchasing and selling products/services on a regular basis. So, they all need a tool that can manage their whole invoicing and billing activities and that too, productively and conveniently. The online tools used for invoicing and billing are constantly improving and thus making our task easier and also providing us a 360-degree analysis of the business. These tools are a source of consolidation for the billing process and useful for organizations, freelancers, service providers, and approximately everyone who needs to send invoices to their customers on a frequent basis.

Moreover, because of an over-boisterous schedule and time pressure, your invoicing tool must be simple and advantageous to work with. Hence, you should have the best billing and invoicing software that affirms your business and work recurrence.

With the motive of serving you with the best of best invoicing and billing software, we have composed a list of 10 best invoicing and billing applications providing companies which are mentioned below:

List of Top 10 Online Invoicing and Billing Software

#1. Invoicera

Whenever we examine an online billing software, Invoicera comes to the top of the list. Invoicera offers a lot of the great features we look for in online billing software with a few extra convenience features, and that is why it is the TopTenReviews Gold Award winner and placed on top of this list.

Online invoicing is user-friendly that helps you to be relieved of the invoicing part and pay more attention to the Core Business Operations and Marketing. Online invoice management not only helps businesses in invoice management but also offers online invoicing and payments, expense management, client/vendor panels, time tracking, workflows, multi-companies, multilingual and multi-currency support, recurring/subscription billing, staff permission, financial reporting, and analytics, purchase order management, subcontractor billing, and time management, comprehensive reporting and APIs for 3rd party integrations.

Among the great extras, you can find with Invoicera is a keyword search option on the invoice screen to help you find a particular item or expense. Other features worth mentioning are a custom signature field in correspondence, the ability to add expenses to estimates, and recurrent billing through PayPal. Additionally, Invoicera has integrated itself with Google Apps, which means that you can access all of your Google-connected content through the same interface as Invoicera.

Invoicera Mobo App easily is downloaded on Apple devices and Android phones. Now you and your clients can easily track and monitor the invoices even when you are away from the workstation.





#2. Harvest

Harvest is one of the best online billing services we have seen for time- and project-based billing. Harvest can help you manage both billable and non-billable expenses across multiple projects. You will have the ability to assign employees and contractors to projects and track their progress against budgeted hours in real-time. Additionally, the time-tracking feature integrates as a third-party add-on to the Basecamp project management application.



#3. FreshBooks

It’s not often that we get excited over online billing software but when we are, it’s the little things that make us smile. This leading-edge billing system for small businesses is continually improving to meet growing customer demands. Its built-in scalability and agile methodology made it an easy pick. The application can be exactly what you need it to be with its available API, generously supported Add-on Store, and comprehensive support. There are plenty of reasons for us to like FreshBooks.



#4. QuickBooks

QuickBooks might be the most recognizable financial software brand for small business, and that brand is extended to the QuickBooks Online Simple Start online accounting application. Simple Start has a few features not offered with other online billing systems, such as the ability to print checks and track vendors.



#5. ZOHO Invoice

ZOHO offers a wide variety of affordable tools for small businesses that you can integrate into your online billing portal. One of the things we liked about the ZOHO Invoice is that it includes a complete set of invoicing and online billing tools. This small-business online invoicing solution has many of the features we look for in an online billing system. It creates highly customized invoices for email and standard post distribution. ZOHO Invoice is highly supported.

zoho invoice


#6. SimplifyThis

Easy-Bill is a service of Simplifythis, and this online billing system provides quite a few features, such as iPhone and Android apps, automated recurring billing, customer-specific pricing, and time tracking. It has a streamlined interface that is easy to figure out, and Simplifythis provide a fair amount of support information online.

simplify this


#7. Sage

There is plenty of online billing and invoice capabilities built into Sage One to help you make the best of your financial reporting. It offers plenty of the standard services of an online billing system with an above-average project management tool. Through the application, you can create, manage and edit projects with expenses and invoices with little effort.



#8. Kashoo

Kashoo is almost its own class of online accounting software. It has many of great features for your small business that goes well beyond the scope of this review, so you might want to check them out on your own. As an online billing system, Kashoo offers standardized online invoices and billing with few customization features.



#9. ServiceJoy

Servicejoy is a basic online billing application that provides a few great features to help you get paid, faster. Default settings are made on the invoice at its time of creation, including terms and conditions as well as a space for notes to the client that will appear on the invoice.



#10. BallPark

Ballpark has the unique feature of being an online billing system with collaboration tools that support multiple team members for creating estimates and invoices. With that feature, you are offered unlimited contacts and unlimited estimates.



For the preparation of the above list, we have taken into consideration several parameters like features, pricing, usability and customer support of the product.