In today’s hyper communicative and technology dominated world, social networking has made inroads in almost every aspect of our likes. Today, social networking websites are used extensively for a variety of purposes like brand promotion, business marketing, sharing information etc. Today there are hundreds of social networking websites on the web. People use these networking websites on a daily basis for variety of purposes. When it comes to generating traffic, a social networking website can be a great tool.

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin are some of the most popular social networking websites. These are used by millions of people across the world. When it comes to an online business, these networking sites are extremely successful as social media marketing is very important to a business. This is because these sites are accessed by huge number of people. These sites provide an opportunity to advertise your business for free. These sites are replete with myriad useful features which when utilized properly can help a business to reap great dividends.

A social networking website is the best way to make people aware of your business’ existence. It is quick, easy and also saves lots of time. You can spread the word about your business on a social networking time, and it will reach to plenty of people in no time. On the other hand, marketing a business using conventional methods would cost one a huge amount. But ever since social networking websites have come in to action, the story has changed. Today, businesses can easily save huge amount by utilizing the benefits provided by social networking websites.

A social networking website helps in promoting a business and offers numerous advantages. First of all, it is a low cost investment as compared to other options. It offers many links to your website, that too free of cost. Since these networking websites themselves receive a great volume of traffic, they help in generating good volume of traffic for your site as well. With social networking websites you get an additional advantage as it provides a word-of-mouth way that people tend to believe.

Discussed Below are Some of the Benefits Offered by Social Networking Websites


1. It is Easy to Implement

It is very easy to implement a social networking button on your website. You just need to go to the official page of a social networking site. Let us take example of LinkedIn. It lets you choose from three options that represent how the feature will be presented on your site. These options include- a vertical view with a counter that displays the number of shares, a horizontal view with the counter, and a horizontal view with no counter. Once you decide which view is best for your site, you can simply copy the provided code, and paste it into the HTML section of the web page of your choice. You do not need to seek help from a developer for this as it can be done by just about anyone.

2. It Adds Credibility to Your Website

When it comes to an online business, association is a powerful tool. If a website is associated with another important and reputed website, it helps in building user’s confidence and trust in your site. In fact, social networking websites like Facebook are considered as a safe place by users from where they can get reliable information. If your website has a Facebook logo and a ‘like’ button, it will give assurance to the visitors that your site and its content are legitimate.

3. It Helps your Content to Go Viral

People tend to believe word-of-mouth. And it is the same with Internet. Social networking sites provide word-of-mouth about your business to people. Whenever someone clicks the ‘like’ button on a website, it shows in that person’s Facebook news feed. Now, everyone who is there in the friend list of that person will be able to read that news feed. Therefore, your website stands high chances of getting ‘liked’ by many other people as well.

4. You can Easily Put up the ‘like’ Button

In order to put up a Facebook ‘like’ button on your website, you do not need to be a web developer. Neither do you need to seek professional assistance for this. You can generate the basic HTML code automatically from the Facebook developer page. All you need to do is to provide the information that the code generator requires and paste the resulting code on your site.

Like every other technology, social networking also has some cons along with its share of pros. We have already discussed the pros of social networking sites. Let us have a look at the cons of these networking sites.

1. Possibility of Scams: Anyone can be a victim of scams or other nuisance on social networking websites. Whether it is a personal account or a business account, you can avoid these scams by maintaining security and privacy settings. This helps you in avoiding cyber-stalking, cyber bullying, online schemes, identity theft or any other form of harassment.

2. Time Consuming: These networking sites require time and effort to establish great connections. You cannot expect to connect your site to relevant and reputed sites overnight.

Although there are hundreds of social networking websites out there, but Facebook surely roosts the rule. It is the number one choice of business houses, corporate houses etc to establish and extend their business connections online. The reason for this could be attributed to the fact that Facebook provides a very user friendly and flexible way of doing this. It is very popular among online marketers. Facebook provides more targeted audience as well as family oriented audience if your company is targeting such clientele.

Facebook has many amazing features to offer, which has made it so popular among marketers. It is not just the ‘like’ button. It has many other features as well.

Share: First of all, it provides a share button. It lets users to share any post they like. It can prove to be very useful for a business. Users who will like your post can share it and thus can spread the word about you.


Fan Page Creation: Facebook also lets you create a fan page for your business, community, etc. This way you get a huge fan following, and it also adds to the credibility of your business.

Group Discussion: It also lets you create a group discussion. Any business can utilize this feature by encouraging its customers to participate in group discussion. It helps in spreading awareness about your business to other people as well.

Group discussion Models stimuli to thinking

Event Creation: Facebook also lets you create events. You can invite users to an event. Business houses can use this feature to its optimum level by creating events about their new product launches.

From the above mentioned points, it is evident that Facebook is the number one choice of online marketers. It provides great features that can be effectively used in marketing and promoting a business in the best manner possible. The fact that Facebook has around 550,000,000 users sumps up the whole story. It provides the widest range of exposure to a business. Thus Facebook can help a website attain great volume of traffic and generate good ROI.

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