E-mail marketing is one of the most effective ways to engage with your customers. It is done to enhance the relationship of a service provider with current and potential customers and to encourage them for repeat business.

Here is the list of top 10 e-mail marketing software for 2015.

Campaign Monitor


Campaign Monitor provides different tools like e-mail template design, in-depth reporting and automation workflows to measure the impact of your e-mail marketing campaign. It provides a template gallery to choose a template of your choice. You can also choose from mobile-ready templates. Segmentation of target subscribers can be done according to location and past campaign activity.

Pricing – 5,000 subscribers for $99/month and unlimited send out.



Infusionsoft provides services for small businesses. It offers many tools like marketing automation and marketing reports which helps to create and track the performance of an e-mail marketing campaign. It also provides automated follow-ups so that you don’t miss any opportunity to generate leads.

Pricing – 2,500 subscribers for $199/month and 12,500 e-mails.



MailChimp makes it easy to send e-mail newsletters to the customers, create, manage and track the campaigns and manage subscribers. It lets you create custom templates, custom reports and helps to view the success of a campaign through click-through rates. It has a tool named send time optimization which tells you the best time on the selected date to send the e-mail.

Pricing – 2,000 subscribers for $25/month and unlimited send out.

Zoho Campaigns


Zoho helps to automate the e-mails with workflows and auto responders. It helps to manage the lists and track the engagement including click-through rates, bounces, unsubscribes, social media engagement and even geolocation reports. It also provides ready-made newsletter templates, flexible and customizable layouts. The results of your campaigns are present in Zoho CRM which helps you to target the leads and prospects.

Pricing – 5,000 subscribers for $45/month and unlimited send out.



GetResponse is a simple but powerful e-mail marketing software. It is available for small businesses and even enterprise companies. It provides tools to send automated followups and measure site conversions. It helps to import contacts with one click from your hard drive or even from Gmail, Magento and Salesforce.

Pricing – 5,000 subscribers for $45/month and unlimited send out.



Mailigen is a web-based e-mail marketing software and provides professional e-mail templates, real-time tracking and in-depth reports for your campaigns. It offers integration with more than 100 CRMs. It also provides responsive e-mail template to drag and drop images and buttons.

Pricing – 5,000 subscribers for $40/month and unlimited send out.



Benchmark provides e-mail marketing and event management services and combines it with the features of social media. It provides services to small businesses and even large corporations. It also helps to streamline all your e-mail marketing processes. It checks on the customer’s behaviour through split testing.

Pricing – 10,000 e-mails for $60/month.

Campaign Manager


Campaign Manager is a flexible and secure e-mail marketing software. It provides you with easy to use tools and allow you to customize your e-mail template and share your campaign with different social media platforms. It also allows you to upload your own templates and images to create a campaign. You can integrate your campaign manager with Google Analytics to get a differentiated view of a subscriber’s activity.

Pricing – 5,000 subscribers for $50/month and 50,000 e-mails.



Pinpointe is a cloud-based e-mail marketing software that is available for business to business communications. It was primarily available for small and mid-size businesses but now is used even by large enterprises. It provides more than 1000 ready-made mobile friendly templates. It lets you create heat maps which show you how people are interacting with your website.

Pricing – 5,000 subscribers for $49/month and 40,000 e-mails.



SendinBlue lets you create and manage e-mail marketing campaigns, SMS messages and transactional e-mails all in one powerful software. It provides reports, graphs and statistics to track and enhance the performance of the e-mail campaigns. It also provides real-time tracking and spam checking. It offers Integration plugins for PrestaShop, WordPress and Magento.

Pricing – 60,000 e-mails for $39/month.