Booksteam – An Online Scheduling Software

The world is changing at fast pace and so are the ways people run their business. You need to keep pace with the technological advancements to win the race. Today, it’s highly essential to make use of best practices that can simplify your efforts and increase productivity.

Few months back when I was looking for scheduling software to streamline my business, I accidently stumbled upon this wonderful online scheduling software called Booksteam. Little did I know back then that it will abridge my business and help me manage my client appointments with such an ease. 2015-05-25 12-50-39-min

Booksteam is a web based scheduling solution designed to benefit businesses of all sizes. Its awesome interface allows your clients to schedule appointments online on real time basis. Now my clients can access their personal panels to book appointments, cancel them or reschedule them at their own comfort. And for me, checking my client’s profile and keeping a track of their appointment history has become seamlessly effortless.

Businesses offering their services in form of classes or batches also have a lot to gain from it. These could be classes such as gyms, yoga studios, cooking classes, coaching classes and so on. One can easily schedule classes and can rename them as per their business needs and requirements.

When I started using it, I was pleasantly surprised with its calendar page. Booksteam calendar helps in online appointment scheduling and is easy to use and provides a neat and clean view of appointments, workshops and classes. You can easily manage your daily and weekly schedule by blocking time slots and days in simple steps. The blocks can be color coded to organize your personal time better. The best part is that once you have designed the schedule, you can painlessly sync it with your personal calendars such as iCal, Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook etc. Booksteam also has a mobile app version supporting android and apple devices so accessing calendar and client information is now possible at just the touch of your screen.

I personally believe that for appointment businesses to run smoothly, it is essential that the clients and service staff is on the same page for all service related information. This is beautifully handled by the Booksteam’s notification system using which the staff members and clients are updated about the appointment bookings, reschedules cancellations etc. via emails and sms notifications. For every scheduled appointment, clients and staff members receive instant notifications to keep them up to date even while they are on the go.

One distinct feature that separates Booksteam from other players is the numerous payment options which are available in it. It has an online credit card payment system that accepts all major cards and lets customers make partial or full payments for booking appointments. It accepts payments in different currencies which makes it apt for businesses from across the world and even assents payments via PayPal.

Booksteam is a power packed scheduling system loaded with amazing features. There is a ‘book now’ button that easily integrates into your site so when someone makes a booking from your site, it fetches all information to update the calendar and shoots timely reminder notification.

Facebook integration is another great move and it has taken service excellence to a new level. It makes things incredibly convenient for me as well as my client as a sizable business now comes from the appointments booked using Facebook.

This feature rich software gives high regards to the security of information. The client database builder which keeps a record of client’s history, appointment details and profiles, automatically backs up to their cloud server. So now there is no fear of losing important information and you can be rest assured that your database will be safe and secure.

I absolutely love the flexibility Booksteam offers to the business owners as they can now do so much more with their scheduling software. I personally adore when my clients to write reviews as it is a reflection of my service I believe that facilitates more growth opportunities. However if someone choses to keep away with reviews he can do that too. Likewise businesses can customize a pre-booking page and setup custom questions which clients will see at the time of the bookings. These can be in the form of multiple choice, drop down list, text box and even checkbox.

Ever since I have started using Booksteam, my errand work is greatly reduced and I can now focus on the essentials of my core business. This remarkable system is appropriately priced with plans starting from $19.95 per month for a solo pack (i.e. for a single staff member) and it goes up to $69.95 per month for a large pack (i.e. for up to 25 staff members). There is also a 30 days free trial available for all plans that can be availed through a quik registration process.

Like me, if you are also involved in a business which requires you to book appointments or take training batches (like hair salons, medical professionals, nail salons, personal trainers, pet groomers, auto services, photographers, life coaches, massage professionals, yoga studios, law firms, gyms, even planners, life couches and many more) then think no further and give it a shot. Booksteam will mesmerize you with its beautiful designs, superior customer service, amazing performance in scheduling, security and its simplicity of use. This feature rich tool will surely boost your business and propel it to new heights.