You probably have your phone with you all the time. And it would be easy to have everything you need right there with you on your device. Of course, this is possible with several handy apps! In the Google Play Store you can download all the applications you need in your everyday life. You will find more than 4 million different applications in the store, which you can sort by category, top charts and new releases.

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Which app should I download?

With all those apps, it could still be difficult to choose the one you need to download. So we have made a top 5 of techie apps which could definitely come in handy!

1. Home Budget with Sync

The Home Budget app helps you control your earnings and expenses. This app could be very useful because – admit it – sometimes money just seems to disappear from your bank account and you have no idea how you’ve spent it. Thanks to Home Budget you can keep an eye on your expenses and make sure you save some money for the things you would like to do.

2. Soundhound

Are you still using Shazam? Forget that app and try SoundHound! SoundHound recognizes music much faster and it even works when you sing or hum the song. After the app has recognized the song, you can stream the music. It is also possible to run the lyrics simultaneously with the song, so you can sing along with your favorite artists!

3. Smart IR Remote

This app could be a life saver. We frequently lose our remote controls and do not want to go look for them because we are a bit lazy. With the Smart IR Remote, it is possible to control all your devices with your phone or tablet! You can use this app for your television, DVD- or Bluray player, air conditioning, audio system, and many other devices. The only requirement is that the systems should receive infrared signals.

4. Appy Geek

This interesting app offers you the latest news from reliable resources from all over the world. In Appy Geek, you will find information about mobiles, gadgets, games and many more subjects. You can choose the subject you are interested in and the app will automatically personalize your news.

5. aCalendar+

The aCalendar+ app offers you a clear overview of your day, week and month. You can, among others, categorize your activities and synchronize birthdays with your addressbook and/or Facebook. It is also possible to use business-like features such as sending appointments, sharing files or set a status. If you have a busy schedule, this is one of the most useful organizing apps for your Android device!

These are a couple of our favorite apps from the Google Play Store. You can easily buy them with a Google Play Gift Card. This entertainment card can be bought online via With the Google Play Card you can redeem your Google Store credit and purchase apps, music, movies, and books!