It is difficult to lose an adored one, particularly if that loved one is a Google service. That is why we are opening the gates of the Google Graveyard, a virtual space for grieving. Dormant in these holy grounds are some of Google’s unfortunate services.

Three months back, Google Reader turn out to be the newest product put to rest in the Google graveyard. However much-loved by its somewhat small fan base, Google Reader just was not that much famous to merit survival.

Most, like Google Buzz and Google Wave, resisted to carve out a place in this tough, challenging world where technologies constantly bang and modernization reigns ruler. But whether these services converted our efficiency or only contaminated our inboxes, they all heartened our world in certain way.

With Google Reader already on its demise bed, and iGoogle is coming to its end on November 1st as well, we thought it was high time we reconsidered some of the other Google services and products that we have said goodbye to over the years. Many of these dead services and products were great concepts that just never caught on with bigger viewers; some had overlying functionality with other products, compelling Google to center its development hard work on one over the other.

As Eric Schmidt, prior Google CEO once said, “We celebrate our failures.” So today we are celebrating 10+ years of Google product ghosts, with Google Reader being the newest to go on its death bed.