The Implementation Specialist Certification through Oracle for the Argus Safety Suite 6 (1Z0-551) is designed specifically to validate the knowledge, skills and abilities of individuals who work in sales and implementation for risk management solutions. Argus is a scalable system and one that is therefore applicable in a wide variety of clinical settings. Candidates pursing this certification may also work for a variety of employers or may be self employed contractors or work with IT firms that contract services to a range of clients.

 Any candidate interested in obtaining certification in this specialty is able to do so by completing just a single exam, the 1Z0-551. The test is specifically designed for Oracle Partner Network (OPN) member certification paths, but can additionally document the expertise of non-OPN members as well.

 This exam presents candidates with 70, multiple choice questions and must be completed within 105 minutes. A passing score constitutes a rating of 65 percent or higher, and focused training prior to sitting for the test is recommended. Most Oracle study guides and training courses for this exam are only open to OPN members, but any candidate can find the learning and exam prep resources they need through other online service providers like

 Tutorials, self study programs, and practice exams may all be a part of your exam prep activities for the 1Z0-551. Just ensure you dedicate ample time to your studies prior to taking the test in order to boost your performance on the exam and ensure the achievement of your professional certification.