That was so fast, the search giant Google unveiled Chrome 29 for iOS just 1 week ago and yesterday, the company announced Chrome 30 for iOS , just half an hour after iOS7’s unveiling. The latest version can be downloaded directly Apple’s App Store.

But you should note that the company has lifted its least hardware requirements, so anybody still on iOS 5.x is now out of good fortune. That means if you are still using iOS 5, you would not be able to upgrade past Chrome 29. Users should have iOS 6 to run Chrome 30 on their devices.


iOS 7 re-styling apart, which comprises full screen enhancements and a settings segment refurbishment, Google has supplemented more interaction among two of its other iOS apps. Email and Maps URLs will now open up Google Maps and Gmail for iOS, supposing they have been installed by you as well. Also comprised are numerous steadiness and security enhancements and error repairs.

The full Chrome 30.0.1599.12 for iOS change-log is as follows:

  • New look and feature enhancements for iOS7 on iPhone.
  • Improvements to Fullscreen behavior especially on iPad (iOS7 only).
  • New Settings UI.
  • Maps and email links launch the Google Maps and Gmail apps (if installed) automatically. You can change your preference in Settings.
  • Stability / security improvements and bug fixes

This release reminds us that Chrome for iOS development is starting to lag behind other platforms. This is the biggest gap we’ve seen yet and we’ll be watching closely to see how the situation changes.

In addition to the small icon twist to put up iOS 7 design criterion, most other modifications are under the hood. The new version of the app would be more responsive in full screen mode on iPads.

Now we see the postponement was due to the fact Google was functioning concurrently on Chrome 29 and Chrome 30.