Duos have always been known to be more popular than single entities, whether it be Batman and Robin, Romeo and Juliet, or Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Gear and Smartphone. What’s interesting about this combo is that they perfectly complement each other and with the S-Pen, things get a bit too futuristic. The Note 3 itself was enough to amaze you. Just imagine the convenience that you would get when you pair it up with the Gear.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Gear

Coming to the smartphone, the device has a 5.7-inch full-HD(1080x1920p) display with a SuperAMOLED panel and the phone is powered by  Exynos Octa 5420 processor (where one core set runs at  1.9GHz with A15 architecture, while the other set runs at 1.3GHz with A7 architecture). The Note 3 is also probably the first phone to pack in 3 GB RAM. In terms of storage, the device has 32 GB internal storage with support for 64 GB expandable storage via micoSD cards.

It is a breeze to work with this amazingly fast phone and the S-Pen adds a whole new level of convenience. You can call up the air command menu from anywhere and then use the stylus to do a host of actions. The Note 3 is great for multitasking as you can access multiple apps simultaneously on the screen. And with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 on its way next month, the prices for Note 3 and Note 3 Neo have been reduced already.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Gear and SmartPhone

Speaking about the faithful companion of the Note 3 Smartphone, the
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Gear, this petite device is nothing short of brilliance, especially in the way this device pairs up with the phone. However, be advised. The gear will pair up only with the Note 3 so if you are planning on being an ardent user of this smartphone, then I would suggest you to go for it.

You can place calls, dictate texts, access notifications, take photos and a whole lot more with the device and yes, all of this can be done without removing your smartphone from your pocket. As a safety measure, the device is paired in such a way that the moment you wander 5 feet away from the smartphone, the phone will get locked. It remains unlocked as long as the gear is in range. This really provides a lot of convenience to the users as they do not have to unlock the phone every time. Moreover, it is common for people to misplace their phones at home or at work. With the gear, you can remotely activate vibration or sounds so that you may locate the phone. This is applicable vice versa.

While the gear is available for $300 independently, as a combo you can get the smartphone and the gear at a price of $700. But this price is only indicative and the costs may go down as the company focuses on targeting the market with its new Note 4 smartphone. The duo of the gear and the smartphone for Note 3 is definitely worth investing, especially if you are a businessman, artist or even a casual user. There is something for everyone.