There are numerous rumours and leaks preceding the launch of the latest from Apple – iPhone 6. All of it gives us a glimpse of the goodies iPhone 6 will bring along. And we believe iPhone is capable of living up to its fans’ expectations as it did with its previous releases. Upping the excitement, iPhone 6 is not even a bit dull on any fronts. The competition between Apple and Samsung is ultimately making its users the winners.

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iPhone has a new number, ‘6’. It’s not an extension of the previous versions as far as the numbering goes. Hence you can get the feeling that iPhone 6 is going to be a totally new design but a bit similar to that of the iPod touch 5th generation which basically means a full aluminium body. iPhone 5S had aluminium only at its back with 2 glass panes at the top and bottom of the back. The iPhone 6 is going to be thinner and lighter than the iPhone 5S approximately 6.1 mm thick and 100 gms in weight.
The display is obviously larger than 5S and could be around 4.7 inches. iPhone may also be planning on releasing a larger phone in the range of 5.5 inches , probably to compete with the ‘Notes’ from Galaxy. The display type should remain same which is the IPS LED – backlit LCD. Basically the resolution could any of the three – 1280×720 @ 312 PPI or Full HD 1080 @ 469 PPI or 1600×900 @ 386 PPI. The display glass, many speculate, could be made from sapphire. Apple has already used sapphire in iPhone 5 and 5S camera lens. Sapphire glasses are considered to be highly durable rendering your display glass to be virtually unscratchable.


The processor in the iPhone 6 could be the Apple A8. It is world’s first 64 bit mobile processor. Expecting it to be a quad-core is reasonable because Apple has not made a
quad-core processor so far. The quad-core could clock at 1.5 Ghz and if it’s dual-core then it could clock at 1.8 Ghz. The second possibility is that the Apple A7 processor will be integrated with M7 co-processor for better power efficiency.
RAM should be 2GB given that everything Apple has at the moment has a RAM of 1GB. The storage capacity could be anything in the range of 16, 32 or 64GB but non-expandable.
Considering the size and functions to be executed, iPhone 6 can get a bigger battery of 2000mAh+.


Apple might go in for a 10/12MP camera with truetone flash, optical image stabilization and other such features.
Couple of upgrades expected on the iPhone 6 is the slow motion recording and the front facing 2MP camera both at 1080 Full HD.


iPhone 6 is going to come preinstalled with the new operating system – IOS 8. IOS 7 was the biggest redesign of IOS. IOS 8 is going to focus on Apple’s health and fitness app called Healthbook. Apple’s plan revolves around integrating the iPhone 6 with iWatch through the Healthbook.
Contrary to reports it is believed that Apple is not going to get rid of the Touch ID as it is one of the best fingerprint readers on any smartphone. Another possible feature is water resistance, but we do not have any confirmed information on that.


Pricing could probably fall in the following ranges:
1. $649 for 16GB model
2. $749 for 32GB model
3. $849 for 64GB model
4. $949 for 128GB model (highly unlikely though)

Release date is expected to be on September 9th this year. If you look back probably all the iPhone models, up until the iPhone 4S, were released in June. And iPhone 4S was the only iPhone to be released in October. But now that we are in August the best bet is September.