Bluetooth technology has changed the game for exercise audio. In the past, cumbersome wired headphones created hindrances in the gym that negatively impacted progress. With the wireless advances of Bluetooth, exercise buffs now enjoy the freedom to stream music directly to lightweight, non-intrusive headsets without interrupting their workouts. The market is brimming with Bluetooth devices to meet all sorts of audio needs, and existing versions are updated all the time. Models vary widely in price and quality, but a few stand out ahead of the rest. Following is a list of five of the best units for exercise.

Swage Sport Bluetooth Headphone

Standardly equipped with Bluetooth Version 4.0, this unit is compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices. It boasts CD-quality audio reproduction in a lightweight sports package. Passive noise attenuation achieves just enough sound isolation for increased focus without rendering the listener oblivious to the surrounding environment. Swage’s sleek, ergonomic design maximizes user comfort and ensures that the unit will remain in place during vigorous activity. Priced at $40, the Swage Sport easily returns the investment with workout dividends.

Senbowe Mini Lightweight Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Earbuds

This compact unit features Bluetooth Version 3.0 for compatibility with any Bluetooth enabled device. Its active noise-canceling technology isolates background noise from the signal to enhance the listening experience. Three sets of ear tips are included to ensure proper fitting. A 15-foot reception range permits a great deal of movement without signal interruption. At a scant 0.3 ounces, this $19 unit is light on the head as well as the budget.

Ares X Freedom 1.0 Wireless Bluetooth Sport Headphones

Equipped with Bluetooth Version 3.0+ EDR technology, this model has an enormous 33-foot reception range and is compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices. Weighing a mere 17.2 grams, it is the world’s lightest headphone. It is designed with the intention that the user will forget that it is there. For $45, the Freedom 1.0 provides five hours of playing time on a single full charge and enhances the workout experience of active users immeasurably.

Avantree AS8Q Neckband In Ear Sweatproof Stereo Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

This $40 model supports Bluetooth Version 2.1+ EDR chipset. The package includes three sets of silicone earbuds for proper fitting. The unit’s improved flat wire, tangle-free cord allows for durable connectivity without the hassle of flimsy hanging wires. Its ten-meter Bluetooth range ensures a clear signal from across a room. Engineered for durability and comfort, the Avantree AS8Q Neckband delivers high-quality sound and unmatched performance for the active lifestyle.

Jabra SPORT+ Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

For $70, this package includes seven sets of silicone ear tips, so the perfect fit is guaranteed. The entire unit has been tested against U.S. military standards to ensure resistance to shock, moisture and dust. It includes a built-in FM radio for times when a source of recorded music is not available. Jabra’s advanced active noise-canceling technology produces superior sound isolation to enhance workout intensity. While the SPORT+ does cost a bit more than some models, the difference can be found in its rugged construction and commitment to performance.

Final thoughts

Those are five of the industry’s best that is known to give you cool working out experience while you listen to your favorite music. Thanks for reading and we are always open for discussion. Let us know your thoughts on this list!