The use of Smartphones has been immensely increased to an unexpected rate and will continue to rise this year. The Smartphone market is flooded with great phones competing with the products of Apple, Samsung and Blackberry. 2013 is the perfect time for the technology fans, as these companies are several new Smartphones to keep an edge over the others. Ultimately, the consumers would be highly benefited with the ongoing race among these competitors.

Though this is the best time to be a consumer, but there have been certain ill-practices done by thieving people’s Smartphones and selling the same in the black market for a handsome amount of money. Nobody wants these people to continue this practice and get benefited from our hard-earned gadgets. You need to be very careful while using your gadgets or Smartphones in public. Do not forget your phone at any public place like coffee shops, cinema halls, office, restaurants, bars and other places you visit. Thousands of phones go missing every year and the numbers are increasing day by day. Don’t encourage this practice to become a statistic, be attentive and take care of your Smartphone.