Since our Internet browsers have more add on features; we get a platter of benefits from them. Every day extensions transformation with growth of web stores help in developing websites. Getting fame from everywhere, Google Chrome is a favorite pie that every developer likes. With the maximum number of free extensions, Chrome is the only browser that people want to use. Whether it’s about designing your site, or building a web layout, the Chrome Web Store can be a great choice to make.

In the market, the popular range of extensions are aiding and making websites to win easier than ever before. We got few essential Chrome extensions that a developer should know:

SEO for Chrome

Techieapps-chrome extensions for developers-seo for chrome

After the introduction of new Penguin and Panda updates, developers have to consider the web design with search engine optimization (SEO). The SEO extension offers a bunch of tools and stats that helps the user and makes this simpler.

It helps in analyzing competitors, core keyword researching, checking link profile and more. One can also get updates related to social media statistics, indexed pages, stats search, and cached pages of any website.

Speed Tracer

Techieapps-chrome extensions for developers-speed tracer

A developer cashes time into money and the speed tracer helps him in doing so. It’s a powerful tool that helps a developer in identifying and resolving issues related to performance. It also provides rounded image of break time.

Resolution Test

Techieapps-chrome extensions for developers-resolution test

While testing the site, developers need to check the resolution size. How the images will be placed? What will be the size of images? Everything is can be fixed by using this Chrome extension. You can preview the changes and add them in custom sizes later.


Techieapps-chrome extensions for developers-builtwith

You must have bookmarked your favorite site and wished to have alike one for yourself. Buitwith extension makes it easy for you. While clicking on website, this tool will gather the technologies that are used on the webpage. The objective of this tool is to help you in choosing the one of these technologies for your work. It will update you with steps used in developing the site, featured widgets, publishing, marketing, and even hosting.

Evernote Web Clipper

Techieapps-chrome extensions for developers-Evernote-WebClipper

Evernote Web Clipper is the best amongst various marketing apps and it is available on Chrome. It gets synchronized with your existing accounts and allows you to keep your stuff safe, which you see on website.

Such add-on Chrome extensions are enhancing the quality of life. Are you still thinking of using them? Install them on your browser and experience their true power.

Jimmy Potter is a web & graphic designer by profession. He has zeal to read, write and create innovative designs for posters, websites, and various other advertising purposes. He has ability and knowledge about various free online resources.