Now the wait is over, finally a touch-screen tablet with all new, exciting features is going to be launched by Microsoft itself. It will be running on Windows RT (a version of Windows 8).

Computers, laptops have already made the world smaller and portable and now touch-screen tablets would be capturing the market. This tablet will be square-shaped with highly charismatic looks, which seems metro compliant to the people, as `metro compliance’ is really important in the tablet. It will have an incredible app ecosystem and third-party accessory market. Nonetheless, it will be very handy, stylish and comfortable to walk with.

This i-PAD is `Magic’; it will be about a quarter of thickness and weigh about a third of what a notebook weighs. This would have good compatibility and would be having a long battery life. It would be capable of providing all computing needs with less complications and more entertainment with easy accessibility.

This i-pad will run faster and smooth along with a very pleasing and high quality camera, proposed to give a tough competition to rest of the tablets in the market. Till now, Apple was at the peak of tablets with huge amount of sales and purchases, but now Microsoft would be making a foray in the hardware category that would put the company in direct competition with the rival company. It would be a headstart for the Microsoft company in tablet zone.

Once it gets released, it will be one of the most successful Microsoft products and will become a hero as a mobile business tool for the new generation.