The launching of Nokia 808, stunned the audiences. Since its launch, people are only talking about this phone. This would make you wonder why, it is because, it has a 41mega-pixel camera, making it an impressive SmartPhone. It has the biggest camera the smartphone industry has ever seen.

This phone had already made its launch in India and Russia, and now finally it is expected to make its debut in US today. It’s all new features and charismatic look is making people go crazy about it. The buzz built about this launch on the Nokia US Facebook page, has finally turned into reality and the page seems to be talking about this launch and nothing else.

Running through the device’s principle specifications, the Nokia phone comprises of a 4-inch touchscreen and 16GB user memory. The hoarding space is expandable through a slot provided for a 32GB microSD card. It will be having all the connectivity options like HDMI, wi-fi, etc.

Interestingly, Nokia had made the announcement of launching its phone just when Microsoft was about to reveal its tablet’s secret. Now, Nokia is heading towards hitting its sales again through this new SmartPhone and making it a success in the important and competitive markets.